Community Supported Community

by Iuval Clejan
Forming Communities
near Rogersville TN

Our goal is to become an interdependent community and take care of our own and each others’ needs,  as well as being stewards of the land. We believe that the global economy offers comfort and convenience, but at the cost of intimate bonds between people and nature. We have economic ideas that have not been tried before about how to restore intimate bonds between people that I could tell you more when you contact me. We have 88 acres of land and there is the potential for 300 more adjoining,  in pasture, gardens and woods. We have some structures currently, and hope to build earthships and similar self-sustaining structures with volunteer labor and partially free/recycled materials. We want to achieve a good balance between family (which could be non-nuclear) and community, between spirituality and economics, masculine and feminine, heart and brain.  We are earth centered and community oriented and are creating a joyful transition to the world we envision.