Community Farmer

by AngelicaVillage
Communities with Openings
Lakewood, CO

Community Farmer: Position Description
The vision of Angelica Village is to create community living spaces that support each
person’s humanity, bringing hope and healing to the world.
Angelica Village, through love, care, and sustained mutual support, nurtures conscious
community living spaces that promote health and resilience. Angelica Village includes
families, refugees and immigrants and community partners.
Background Information:
Angelica Village stewards ten properties in the same neighborhood. Two of these
properties are community agricultural hubs, with two acres of total property. One has a
small plastic hoop house (30 feet by 12 feet), a 2,000 square-foot community garden
and additional fallow growing space (currently home to a few horses), and the other was
recently purchased but will have about ½ acre available for growing. In the 2022 season
we plan to expand the garden into these new growing spaces.
This past year, we grew over twenty different foods and harvested about 500 pounds of
produce. Food produced by our garden is used in Angelica Village community meals
(3x/week, up to 30 people), and shared with our fifty community members, who are
immigrant, refugee, and/or formerly homeless youth and families.
We use as many organic and biodynamic practices as possible and foc
us heavily on compost creation and soil health. We’re looking for an energetic and
imaginative farmer ready to help our community increase food production and better
utilize our growing spaces.
• 2+ years gardening experience
• Qualified training and education may substitute for part of gardening
experience • Familiar with community gardens or CSAs
• Experience with some or all of these gardening practices: organic,
biodynamic, permaculture, integrated pest management
• Understanding of crop fertilization, weed & insect control, irrigation systems, fruit
tree production and composting
• Interest in growing culturally significant foods for refugee and immigrant families
• Readiness to help plan new garden/farm spaces – create a food forest and
expand current community garden
• Collaborate in planning and executing garden with garden committee members •
Prepping beds, seeding, watering, fertilizing, weeding, trellising, mulching,
harvesting, cleaning produce
• Planting trees and perennial food crops
• Building and utilizing compost
• Willingness to work with diverse communities and youth
• Manage youth/ interns/ volunteers – coordinate community garden work days •
Coordinate purchasing of materials for garden – seeds, mulch, compost, organic
pest management strategies, tools, etc…
• Maintenance of garden structures – hoop house, sheds, trellises, row covers,
etc… • Lend a hand with house projects and youth work in off season
• Being part of the community: Communicate and interact with community
members, volunteers, gardening committee, and participate with the Angelica
Village community at large (community meals, gatherings, meetings)
25 – 30 hours/week in summer for 32 weeks, (March-October)
$24/hour 15 – 20 hours/week in winter for 16 weeks, (Nov-Feb)
of hire are: Valid Colorado Driver’s License and auto insurance. Must have
reliable transportation. FSMA Certification (or ability to acquire upon hire).