Co-Creating Humanity’s Future, Foray 2

by Kyriaki Nikandrou
Join us in our next Free Interactive Virtual Event on “Co-Creating Humanity’s Future” on Saturday Feb 5th, at 12:00 – 14:00 pm EST
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Inquiries to be explored:
– What is it like to be in a conversation where you feel you are co-creating the future?
– The future is emerging through us now. What do we want to co-create for ourselves and the people we love?
– How do we liberate our imagination and bring to life what our souls are yearning for?
This event will be hosted by Aviv Shahar, an author, coach, and global consultant, helping leadership teams create breakthroughs that produce transformational futures.
Our panel of guests:
– Ofer Dotan: – I am excited to explore together what emerges when we apply ourselves towards a common aspiration, to foster more humane collaborations, through which we can discover and express our potentialities.
– Ariel Levari: – I believe truth is not a final destination, but an ongoing journey that requires being in conversation with the world and the people around us. I’m looking forward to seeing what threads of truth begin to unspool through our conversations, and how we can trace them into a more beautiful future.
– Forrest Wilson: – Old systems and stories are breaking down all over planet Earth as we open up and make room for the new world that wants to emerge with and through us. Humanity is being invited to take a breath, pause in possibility, and dream a new world into being, together.