Co-Creating Humanity’s Future⁠: Virtual Event

by darij918

You are invited to a FREE Portals of Perception Virtual Event on Saturday, November 13 from 12pm – 2pm EST.

Co-Creating Humanity’s Future.

In this event we will practice Horizons Thinking, and imagine our own, and humanity’s, future.


Be a part of this interactive exploration – participation is free. To receive your personalized Zoom link, register below:


Inquiries to be explored:

– How do we evolve our consciousness and perception, and where and how does the future emerge?

– With civilization in crisis, who are the new renaissance leaders that can integrate the philosophical with the poetic and the practical? How can each one of us become such a leader in our own lives?

– What inspirational future do we envision for ourselves and for our grandchildren?


This event will be hosted by Aviv Shahar, an author, coach, and global consultant, helping leadership teams create breakthroughs that produce transformational futures.


Our panel of guests:

Ofer Dotan – Following my passion for facilitating processes that empower people, I specialized in economics, comparative law and public policy. Applying these skills, I try to be in a continuous exploration process, professionally and personally, to unlock ever more humane wonders.

Fionn Wright – Fionn travels the world with his family, worldschooling his kids, coaching leaders to unify through diversity and supporting the evolution of our planetary consciousness through his TV appearances, vlogging, writing, consulting, facilitating, podcasting & live-streaming.

Ariel Levari – I’ve always been a seeker, engaged in an unending conversation with reality, asking questions about meaning, purpose, and potential. With a bachelors in neuroscience and a masters in organizational psychology, I’ve spent years studying the hidden forces that drive human behavior and the structures we find ourselves embedded in.

Forrest Wilson – Forrest facilitates and holds space for bodies, beings, and collectives to come into coherence through practicing presence, deepening into our essential wholeness, and sourcing our emerging future.