Seeking Co-Founders for Permaculture-based Intentional Community and EcoBusiness Incubator

by Rebecca Reiber
Community Forming
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It’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world.

Starting locally, we need to stop the destruction, build soil, restore ecosystems, heal our addictions, change organizational and power structures, and learn to live in community. We need to move all the resources we can as quickly as possible towards the most effective solutions if we are to halt & reverse the current destructive trends, and create a new, saner economy.

If it’s clear to you that supporting the transition of our destructive society to a sustainable world is your first priority, you will love this & we are looking for you!

8th Life Panama is a Collaborative Work-Life Initiative forming an Intentional Community in the mountains of Anton, Panama. Our guest house, Villa Astoria, serves as our center of operations and lodging while we develop our 21 hectare (52 acre) permaculture project on Finca Astoria, just 10Km away in the community of Las Guabas Arriba. 8th Life Panama is supported by the 8thLife EcoVillage project in the Canary Islands and the Spanish NGO, Gaia Tasiri.

We offer you a unique opportunity to design your future in a healthy and supportive environment. Astoria Guest House provides comfortable living space while we co-create the permaculture based intentional community on our 21Ha Finca.  This is a “ground-floor” opportunity.  Are you ready to join us? 

We’re looking for visionaries; people with an entrepreneurial spirit who believe, like we do, that it’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world.

For more information: Http://

Because we’re creating community, it’s really important for people who are interested in this initiative to come visit first – for as long as possible. To meet us, see where we live, see how we live, and use that information to decide about joining us. This also gives us a chance to meet you and this way we have more information to help us decide on your application. It’s a two-way evaluation process as we look to create a diverse, creative, and enthusiast community.

If you are seriously interested in joining the EcoVillage as a member, this is the basic procedure for everyone. You an begin this process before or after visiting us, whatever works best for you.

> 1) fill out our Application Form found on our website.
> 2) Enroll in the online Integral Permaculture Certificate action learning program, (link on our website) where we will formally start your induction into the project as well as designing together your transition to the eco-village (including any eco-business you might need to organize).