Create the new way – permaculture based, ubuntu inspired ecovillage forming

by Rebecca
Forming Communities
Antón, Panama.

OK Folks, it’s happening! Our world will be forever changed following the Covid-19 outbreak and whatever else is going on. We’ve known for ages that something was coming that would change everything and that’s why we’ve been preparing. No, we’re not “preppers”.  We recognized long ago that we had to live differently on the earth and started making the changes we could, little by little.  We were able to purchase Casa Ubuntu, that’s now our co-working co-living space in town and our Finca (land) of 21 Hectares that’s 30 min by car.

We have 9 bedrooms at Casa Ubuntu and 3 at Barraca Arco Iris on the Finca, plus plenty of room to camp. We will receive people who are willing to WORK and help make a NEW WAY of BEING.

We started planting a 1/2 Ha food forest last year and continue working on that for a long-term sustainable source of food. We are designing hügelkultur beds to be installed this year for shorter-term herbs and veggies. We’re also planning animal systems and water systems.

With more people and more resources we can do this more quickly.

This is a permaculture-based and ubuntu-inspired community in formation. Please read our full website & the below description. Our founder has gone ‘out-of-pocket’ to get us where we are — so come help us move forward.

We can live more lightly

As human beings we weren’t designed to live disconnected from nature and each other. As a society we’ve gone astray and as a result we’re damaging our mother earth and soon she won’t be able to sustain human life. We seem to have also lost the ability to relate with one another as human beings.

It’s time to transition from a destructive society to a sustainable world. We need to stop the destruction, build soil, restore ecosystems, heal our addictions, change organizational structures of the global economy, & learn to live in community.

Come create community

8th Life Panama is a permaculture-based Eco-village Project in the early stages of formation. We’re designing our intentional community to provide a social support structure and a low impact lifestyle for members, residents, volunteers and guests. We envision an intentional rural community where our diverse, multigenerational members live on-purpose in true community, with respect and peace.

We are currently seeking founding members and experienced permaculture volunteers.

Be a steward and protector

Our Eco-village land, (the finca) is 21Ha of grasslands and forests bordered by a river and stream. When we bought the land, it was in its natural state apart from 1Ha that’s been farmed on occasion. The finca is located 11 km from the town of Antón, Panama, where our activity and design hub is located.

Casa Ubuntu is our co-working, co-living space in Antón. It boasts 9 bedrooms, courtyard gardens, terraces, and flexible living & working spaces, receiving slow-travelers, digital nomads, volunteers and other project participants. We work and live here while designing the Eco-village. The Rainbow Bunkhouse up on the Finca sleeps 4 – 6 and provides a rustic experience (rainwater shower & sinks, dry compost toilet, outdoor kitchen). 

Volunteering — We’re currently creating a volunteer program – email us for details.


1. Visit our website and study the project, please. We’ve included a TON of information there.

2. If after reading through the site you’re interested in becoming a founding member of this project, we’d appreciate if you could send us the application form filled out in as much detail as possible. (it’s on the website)

3. Once we receive your application, we’ll reach out to schedule a time to talk by Skype, Zoom, What’s App or some other VOIP / internet calling system. This will give us a chance to get to know one another just a bit and answer any initial questions. After this, if we both think it’s a good idea for you to proceed, we will be in touch with you while you’re planning your transition and studying permaculture (which we hope you’ll do here with us).

4. Integral Permaculture Training – enroll in the online Integral Permaculture Certificate action learning program, (details on our site) where we will formally start your induction into the project as well as designing together your transition to the Eco-village (including any Eco-business you might need to organize).

5. Become a Resident – Once you’ve planned your transition, you become a resident at the project (this can be the same period of time that you are taking your PDC). The first 6 months of residence is part of our mutual evaluation period. Following this time, you apply to become a member. Acceptance is based on following the community agreements and being an active, productive and positive participant in the daily goings-on of the community. Your share ($20,000) is paid at this point. Keep in mind that this is a start-up initiative. Your share will be used two ways: 1 – reimbursing the value of the land and 2 – community infrastructure fund. We do offer  partial and full “work-for-share” options. Keep in mind, until we’re self-sustainable, you need to sustain yourself. Thus, the importance of the Transition Plan!