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Tropical co-working co-living space in Panama – we have openings!

by Rebecca
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
Antón, Panama.

Casa Ubuntu – Cooperative Living Space

Combining the wisdom and ways of the past with a vision of an abundant and peaceful future, Casa Ubuntu is a shared living space in Antón, a small town in Panama. The property includes 9 bedrooms, courtyard gardens, two kitchens and multiple living and common areas suitable for many creative and productive activities. Fast internet also allows for online/digital pursuits, research, education and entertainment. There is an almost constant breeze and every room has ceiling fans for ample ventilation. Public transportation is readily accessible for travel to nearby towns, beaches, and mountains. Panama City is just 2.5 hours away.

Casa Ubuntu is now accepting applications from amazing people who want to share this remarkable space on a cooperative cost & talent share basis. This is done in the spirit of Ubuntu – Contrubutionism and to align the use of the house (formerly a family hostel) more closely with the vision of the larger ecovillage project, 8th Life Panama. Because of the cost and talent share aspect, the monthly contribution for living expenses is kept at a maximum of $200.00/person (for 1 – 4 residents plus an estimated $75/month for groceries for shared meals). After 4 people, the monthly contribution will likely decrease as more people are welcomed to the Casa Ubuntu community. Talent share refers to equitably sharing everyday tasks, supporting on projects and providing your unique talent to community members.

This is an ideal living space for anyone looking to spend at least 3 months in a beautiful tropical location. Casa Ubuntu offers a chance for individuals and families to experience nature and rural life. It’s for snowbirds and also digital nomads, gap-years, hikers, photographers, birdwatchers, eco travelers, permaculture practitioners, or anyone seeking a new, cooperative and supportive lifestyle.

There is ample room at the house to create studios, office areas, and other work/life spaces, allowing many micro-enterprises to be run right from here.

To apply, please email [email protected] describing your interest in this living arrangement and why you’d like to live here. Let us know your primary skills, talents, and areas of interest, provide us with your Skype and/or WhatsApp contact, and let us know several good dates/times for a call. We’ll email you back to set up the call & take it from there.