Brave and Experienced Communards Wanted

by MoonRaven
Forming Communities
New England, USA

There aren’t a lot of secular income-sharing communities around now.  Want to help build one?

I’m looking for passionate folks with experience living in community to help create an income-sharing community somewhere in the New England area (really some place within an easy or reasonably direct bus or train ride to Boston) that could become part of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

Urban or rural?  Large or small? With what sort of mission?  Where will we get our income from? You could help decide those things.

I’ve had some experience starting communities and I’ve had years of communal living. (The three group pictures are all of income-sharing communities I’ve been part of–Common Threads, Cambridge, MA, circa 1998; Cotyledon, Queens, NY, circa 2019; and Glomus Commune, Walton, NY, circa 2020.)  I also manage Commune Life, a blog devoted to income-sharing communities. (Here’s a video of me talking about building communities.)  I’m ready to start something new; I’m just seeking people to do it with.

Interested?  Contact Raven at [email protected]