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by Hula hut
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate


Purchased to create a self sustaining community but the flow of life took us in other directions. We would love for this amazing piece of property to find its perfect caretakers.

Lots of waterfalls and fruit trees and privacy yet a short 5 minute walk from a town. This property is just over 3 hectares ( 8 acres) of land at the outer edge of the village Santa Fe Veraguas Panama (population about 2,800 with a small percentage of non-Panamanians living there) The land is bordered on 2 sides by a small cascading river, or “quebrada,” and has several different types of structures (cane house, shop/barn, animal pens) totaling almost 5000 sq. ft. of metal roofs. There is a superb view of the mountains and National Forest which surrounds the village in three directions. Up until the late 1990’s the property was used to raise organic hogs and make sausage so there is good infrastructure to the land and some covered buildings including a small very rustic cane house with metal roof. There are 3 sources of water coming to the property: the municipal tap water, municipal farming water, and the river (which is so clean that the town’s water comes from it). In addition, the area gets over 100 inches of rain a year which can be captured in the large cement cistern on the land. The property also has 3-phase 480 volt electric service (an unusual level of service for heavy machinery from its “sausage factory” days) and is directly on a road that goes right into Santa Fe.

Unlike most acreage in Panama this land comes with full legal title and it also has a recent professional legal survey (2007). While it is located at the edge of the village of Santa Fe, it lies over a ridge so it is very quiet and feels extremely rural–even the noise from the village’s traditional annual festival is completely blocked–yet it has all the advantages of being part of a small town. We know of no other property of this type and location with all of these services and features–this is a one of a kind property.

Santa Fe, in the state of Veraguas, Panama is a small village at altitude of about 1500ft (430 m) Its altitude and unique conditions give it a very pleasant temperature year round– temperatures range from 65 to 85 daily. Fruit trees abound. It is one hour by local bus from the large city of Santiago and 4 hours from Panama City by a comfortable luxury bus. A new road is currently being cut through to the Caribbean, which is only about 30 miles away. When this road is complete, Santa Fe, situated near the divide, will likely grow but, because of its location, this property will still feel as private and secluded.

Total land area = 30,119 square meters. Total asking price $169,000 USD.
Contact Tim or Connie at [email protected] or [email protected]


“Coffee plantations and orange groves line the slopes outside of the town of Santa Fe, Panama. Sparkling rivers, like the Santa Maria and Mulaba, rush around huge boulders to flow gently between the trees. Giant peaks tower above, one after the other, with names like El Salto, Cerro Tute, El Sapo, and Cerro Mariposa.

“With an elevation around 1,500 feet, Santa Fe is blessed with year-round cool temperatures, averaging in the 80s F during the daytime and 60s F at night. Clear blue skies yield to misty clouds among the mountain tops and in the low valleys. For nature-lovers, it doesn’t get any better.”

“For a true live-like-a-local experience, you may want to explore the village of Santa Fe, in the mountains of Veraguas. Just over an hour north of the city of Santiago, Santa Fe is about 1,300 feet above sea level. Though warmer than Boquete, the climate is still very mild, with temperatures ranging from the 70s to the 80s.

The expat community here has grown slowly. The ones I met were friendly and supportive, but their homes were scattered around town. Some are snowbirds, spending only part of the year here. In Santa Fe, your neighbors will usually be locals…and they will likely to do a little farming or raise chickens (or both).

And because it’s barely on the tourist or expat radar, Santa Fe remains extremely inexpensive. A two-bedroom home of about 900 square feet can cost 50% less here than in Boquete, where you’re likely to spend $175,000 to $250,000. The major supermarket in Santiago is modern and features a variety of products, including some hard-to-find items like soya. But the prices are among the lowest in the entire nation.

And it’s every bit as pretty as Boquete, with streams and hills rolling into the Santa Fe National Park and toward the Caribbean side of the Isthmus.

(A road is under construction to allow passage from Santa Fe to the Caribbean coast, but it has been slow going and is likely to take years to complete.)
Granted…there aren’t as many temptations here when it comes to spending money on outings. There’s a cinema in Santiago (movies are $2.50 to $5) and some small shopping plazas. Santa Fe has a few restaurants…and that’s about it. Expats make their own fun…horseback riding, birding, farming, swimming, planning little get-togethers…that sort of thing.

So which mountain town is right for you, Sante Fe or Boquette? It’s hard to go wrong…both are attractive. And you’ll find wonderful people in each.”

For more information contact Tim or Connie at [email protected] or [email protected]

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