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Associate Director

by Lois Arkin
Jobs + Opportunities
Los Angeles intensely urban


We are looking for an interim Associate ​ Director to ​co-manage ​the day to day activities of the organization, including grant writing and fundraising; growing membership; managing grants, asset management for the organization’s loan fund; developing and executing projects; and building partnerships with community groups and various organizations. The candidate will be able to effectively communicate LAEVI’s mission and current projects to community members, governmental officials, media outlets, potential donors and foundations, and other stakeholders. Candidates should have knowledge of and experience with intentional communities, permaculture, urban planning, Los Angeles, environmental issues, project management, navigating local institutions, and have strong follow-thru ability while multi-tasking.  More info here:

Contact Lois Arkin for an initial phone conversation 213-738-1254.  Send letter and resume to Lois at [email protected]