Ascension-Minded Co-Creators Wanted for Ascension Community

by Reverend Dennis Shipman
Forming Communities
The Ideal is Finding Land located on a High Energy Vortex in a Temperate Climate Zone

Hello and Namaste!

I am Reverend Dennis from San Diego, California. Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Energy Healer, Author, and Creator of – featuring channeled messages, spiritual training and updates on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka The Great Shift in Consciousness, or simply Ascension). I have been involved with The Great Shift since 1996. Assisted with the writing of one of the first books on the subject, published in 1998, titled “Kirael: The Great Shift.”

A Vision for Ascension Community

To co-create (with others) a non-denominational spiritual community where ascension-minded men, women and children can work, live and play in a toxic-free environment, with the intention of transforming our consciousness into fifth dimensional (5D) galactic humans.

The Great Shift in Consciousness is happening now, in our lifetime. It’s a shift that’s fading away from the old ego-self-centered attitude of “Everyone for themselves” to the new emerging heart-based paradigm of “For the Highest and Best Good of All.” It’s a shift from darkness to light, fear to love, and illusion to truth. And, it’s time for Ascension Communities to come forth in heart-energy to birth and manifest the new paradigm for the Golden Age of Gaia (Earth).

The Ascension Community I envision is based on Universal Spiritual Laws of Love, with a special focus and practice of raising our “quantum-shifting” consciousness into heart-centered, unity-consciousness living, and utilizing the earth-friendly, sustainable ecovillage and permaculture-biodynamics format – a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition.

Please Connect With Me

If this vision resonates with you, then I invite you to visit the project webpage for more details. Share with me your experience and let me know what resonates with you. Thank you.