Animal friendly Equestrian Eco community on over 1000 acres with amenities

by Zhenna Bouray
Communities with Openings
Portal, AZ/ Rodeo , NM

Caballos de las Estrellas includes over 1000 acres with trails to ride, hike, or bike on peaceful roads. Caballos surrounds another 160 acres of land locked BLM and much of Caballos borders BLM and state land. Our climate is mild, the area has a very low population, clean air, good aquifer, and magnificent natural surroundings.  Caballos is well established and debt free.    Portal, AZ / Rodeo, NM -The AZ/NM border runs through Caballos.

At Caballos we believe life should be lived beautifully and abundantly.  Caballos is not a commune.  We value the individual journey and the creative spark in all sentient beings.  We support free enterprise and have a commercial zone we hope to develop in a nature and human based way to do business with those outside Caballos.

Caballos is made up of people who work together to form an Intelligent Living Community.  We are interested in people who want to build an alternative community free of the globalist Ponzi Scheme of endless work/debt/government dependence.  A community where people can form individual, group, or community owned businesses to generate their own income and participate to the degree they need to or want to, putting them in charge of their own lives. Our unique approach allows each person to pursue their personal dreams while living in a strong community setting.  Our shared amenities are designed to lower the cost of living for every resident while increasing their enjoyment of life.

Caballos is a closed community.  You own a lot or rent a RV/Tiny House site to be a resident of Caballos.  Only 3 lots remain for sale – 20, and 40 acres.  Large, landscaped RV/Tiny House sites are available for rent.  4 full hook-up and 2 eco sites.  Visit and stay as long as you like to see if Caballos is a good fit for you.

Our principles:

(1)  Giving back to nature in equal measure to what we take from nature.  Caballos is maintained as a Wildlife Sanctuary and has a wildlife habitat enhancement project started.  Conservation in harmony with our environment.

No matter how much we ‘lower our footprint’, it simply cannot keep up with the exploding human population (now around 8 billion) so we have taken a different approach.  With a much lower human population, there would be abundant resources and space for all species.

“Even if each and everyone of us contributes in an almost imperceptible way, 7.6 billion and rising is a tremendous number that our minds can’t even begin to conceptualize, with all of those trivial impacts amounting to profound transformations.”
João L.R. Abegão, Ecologist specializing in Environmental Health

(2)  Caballos strives toward self-sufficiency along with conservation.  We live for the best but prepare for the worst.  A community garden for free produce, poultry park for organic eggs, food foresting for humans and animals, permaculture residents where you can purchase organic produce, other residents are starting their projects, an exchange program in place and recycling and re-purposing projects.

(3)  Animal friendly.  One of the very few communities that welcomes all companion animals, no limits.

(4)  A growing list of shared on-site amenities.  Equestrian Center, gym, our new library which has room for around 3000 DVDs, 2000 books, games, puzzles, and a pool table, 5 person spa, free laundry, labyrinth, and other smaller perks.  A multi-use clubhouse, a sports court, and a pool are on the list.  All situated on the 80 acres of community grounds with plenty of room for agriculture and wildlife habitat expansion.

(5)  Caballos is pro gun.  A common sense constitutional right for protection, including against a totalitarian government.  All totalitarian governments remove 2 things; guns from their citizens and eliminate freedom of opinion (opposing opinion).  The CDC research found that guns save between 500,000 and 3 million lives per year.  “I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.” Washington Post article

(6)  You must be a legal U.S. citizen or have entered the U.S. legally to be a resident.  If you did not enter the U.S. legally, you have already told us all we need to know about your lack of respect for others, our country, the environment and that you will cheat.

(7)   Caballos is drug free (legal drugs which are not abused are accepted).  We believe in working with nature to build a beautiful world, not in escaping life through the abuse of drugs.


Photos –  1. Equestrian Center (barn, covered runs, performance size arena, feed and tack rooms, turn-outs, wash racks, vetting station, round pen)  2. RV/Tiny House sites (large, landscaped, pet friendly, picnic table, metal fire pit)  3. Library  4. Trail riding  5. Campfire evening  6. Poultry Park in winter,  7. part of the community garden in the spring  8. quiet sitting area overlooking the Poultry Park, a great place to start or end the day, or to meditate (next to the solar torch lit butterfly garden labyrinth) 10. views and wildflowers during the summer rainy season.

For years I have watched people put a great deal of effort into designing beautiful livable and environmentally sound concept communities, but over the years few have materialized and life goes on as usual. It takes a great deal of money and commitment to move from start up to something solid and established. Most dreams and projects rarely get off the ground. We are left with government solutions and history proves that the nature of government is and has always been parasitic, self-serving, and with a small disconnected privileged elite class at the top. Marxist or Globalist, the results have been the same worldwide, no matter how utopian the dream they are pitching.  One world government made up of elites and serfs, nowhere to run, creating A.I. control zones. I believe real change will only come from the ground up within a growing group of small communities, each with their own vision. These communities remain the wisest places to test and refine concepts. Caballos is one of those communities and we welcome you to see if our vision works for you.