Amazing Work-Live-Play Opportunity at Full Bloom Community in Southern Oregon

by Becca Deysach
Housing For Rent + Shared
Near Jacksonville, Oregon
Amazing live, work, play, and learn opportunity!
The work includes 2 part-time jobs:
1) A morning packout shift for Rise Up Artisan Bread, the wood-fired bakery on land.
Three mornings a week. 5-11 am.
2) Maintenance and repair support for onland LLC. Hours negotiable and flexible. (5 hours min-20 hours max/week). You’ll be working under our maintenance and repairs lead Seth to determine the projects and scope of the work.
Wages $16/hour to start.
No commute! That’s right, you live where you work….
In the foothills of the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains at Full Bloom Farm and Community.
The housing:
A cozy cob hut single dwelling. Looks like a hobbit home but built for a human!
With water and electricity. Community utilities include: access to wifi, sauna, swimming pond, commercial kitchen, bath house, and the amazing outdoors!
Are you interested in gaining skills as well as learning about yourself and connecting with others?
That’s what Full Bloom is all about. Our values are honesty, accountability, self reflection, sharing with vulnerability in safe spaces, introspection, and emotional literacy skills that give us the tools to have difficult conversations and deal with conflict rather than avoid it.
We are 8 residents who each commit to one house meeting a week, cooking 1 community meal every 2 weeks, ten hours of community chores per month, and one (3 hours)“heart circle” per month.
Rent and utilities = $600/ month.
Deposit = $500 (Could be paid over the first 2 months).
Worktrade is an option.
Are you looking for a lifestyle that connects you with the natural world?
Are you looking to for an opportunity to develop land based skills?
Are you hardworking and conscientious?
Email [email protected] for a Full Bloom Community application.