A better way of living

by Geof
Forming Communities


My intention is to establish a community which creates a better way of living and with that, a happier one. As yet there is no land because people come first, people who have a shared vision and purpose.

I believe that everyone desires to be happy and we are happy when we feel included and needed, when we feel safe and secure, when we are useful and contribute, when we share and give, when we can be creative and self-expressive, and when we laugh and play together. These are the elements which create happiness, these are what every human being desires.

The Happiness Quest is what it says – a search for happiness but it is not a search for something mythical but something real and tangible, which exists when people actively work together to create it. The reason why it might sound mythical is because we humans nearly always focus on our own happiness and not on the happiness of others, and yet shared happiness is something we intuitively desire.  When you arrange a party, it might be your birthday, but you hope everyone will have a good time; in fact the more they enjoy it, the more you will. At heart we all know that true happiness only exists in the presence of others and when happiness becomes the unspoken intent.

These are embryonic days and as yet there is no physical base upon which to build and to build there is the need for people who share the same vision and desire. What is very obvious is that people have to work together and carve away at the rock to create something beautiful, and it’s no easy task but with joint effort it can be done. But first we must connect and the Internet is a good place to start.

There are so many troubles in this world and so much inequality and injustice but this should not be the template for life or the signature and legacy of man. It is possible to recreate the rules for better living and set an example to others. We need to demonstrate to others that we humans can live harmoniously, creatively and even happily together.

The key principle is that everyone has something to offer: their background and experiences, their culture, their skills and therefore has something to teach and of course, all have something to learn.

If you are interested, let’s talk.