Searching for A Life Partner in Community Creation

by Eric Best
Community Seekers

If the lead image in my gallery moves you like it moves me, then please read on and see where you might fit.  Many, many thanks.  –  Eric

INTRO NOTES… as if to a woman I had never met before on a dating site, yet who is herself definitely searching for a Life Partnership.

Why are good “relationships” seemingly so hard to find and sustain and how do we (you & I) fix that for ourselves?
The answer lies far beyond “good sex & romance”…. yet includes it and actually makes it better. Read on.

First off: Even though I live in N.E. Texas,  I am not a “Texan” by any stretch of the imagination.  I am much more a “Californian” who left southern California to get out of the insanity / rat race mentality there; and moved to some truly beautiful, lush green rural land in N.E. Texas. To hand build my own house on fully paid up land and to establish a firm, stable ground/foundation with an intimate partner who knows the value of a supportive social system around us.

Why are good “relationships” seemingly so hard to find and sustain. Why are you still here on this dating site (or single)? Why am I here? Part of the answer lies in a simple truth   (fasten you sea belt!  A mind is like a parachute! Namely it works only if it is open.) The truth about us is this: One key reason is that our ancient ancestors on the plains of Africa survived, was that they were not bigger, stronger, or faster than the animals they ate or tried to avoid being eaten by; but they survived because they were much better at banding together into groups and cooperating. Evolution at work!   Just as bees evolved to live in a hive, humans evolved to live together in a TRIBE!   And our current culture is doing the exact opposite to us.

We are the first humans … EVER …. to disband our tribes!  It is not only making us feel awful, but via physiological/psychological reasons it is actually killing us slowly & surely. And our personal isolation is putting incredible strains on relationships. The famous cultural anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead over half a century put it very well.

“Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives, no support, we’ve put it in an impossible situation.” — Margaret Mead

And the isolation and stress has only gotten worse since Mead’s time. Each of the last 4 decades has had a decrease in the quality of life for the average USA citizen. Sexual attraction and “romance” so often are what bring us together when we are younger. Nice stuff without a doubt. And YET most likely, everyone here has had their fair share of “sex & romance” at various times in the past. Still it is not the glue that makes for permanently successful relationships. Hopefully you have had enough experience by now to realize this.   Margaret Mead some 50 years ago made her comment about the “nuclear family”… A marriage of one man, one woman and a few kids. Now some 50 years later, the number of marriages have decreased and the isolation of the individual man or woman has increased.  And you don’t like it any more than I do !!

I’m passionate about the need to establish and live, more “Real” Community / tribe in our lives. More connection, more Loving Honesty, more Creativity, more Integrity, and more JOY !   My background is that of psychology, science and a long meditation practice. All of these blend together in support of community creation. I’m looking for a Life Partner in creating a life together.   If this resonates with your own dreams, we should talk. If you still have notions that good sex and romance alone will fix your isolation, you should stop right here and search elsewhere. I’m looking for a smart, loving, and aware woman partner whose ability to love is based in mature reality, not a youthful fantasy.  Here’s another quote for your consideration in the quest for loving, happy relationships.

“The American myth of love and marriage is a recipe for emotional disaster. We still pay lip service to the notion that young people will fall in love and meet each other’s physical and emotional needs for the rest of their lives. That’s obviously ridiculous, but we have no other model of a “good” relationship.” — Sirenita

Well we do have a better model now. It involves the cry of the young boy who cries out in complete innocence awareness, “The Emperor has no clothes on !”  We are being increasingly isolated and it hurts us!   We need each other, along with presence of warm, caring others around us… namely “Tribe”.    With that present, individual relationships have a much better chance of flourishing.  Community is our natural social ecology !!

I am a very Intelligent, Loving, High energy, Honest and psychologically healthy man with an inquiring mind.  I resonate with the same in a search for a true woman Life Partner. I love to dance, to sing, to think deeply & ponder jointly with you on the meaning of life and what we can create with it. I have had a long meditation practice. I love the peacefulness of the lush green land I own here… home and land completely paid for. Never any debt.  Stable, safe & secure, and open to building whatever we might wish. I am a playful ‘imp’ at times, loving to surprise you with things you might like and appreciate. I am fully alive and carry a vibrant “Yes to Life!” energy within me.

If this appeals to you in your own quest, please contact me with a couple of pics and info about your own community passion, so we can start a conscious dance of Beauty, Truth and Love together.

Contact:  [email protected]