Communities Magazine #170 (Spring 2016) – Finding Or Starting A Community


Those seeking an intentional community are often faced with a choice: find it, or found it? Whether looking to join an existing community or working to start a new one, aspiring communitarians can glean invaluable lessons from the experiences of other seekers and pioneers. Issue #170 is full of success stories, cautionary tales, adventures, reflections, advice, and resources for anyone interested in Finding or Starting a Community.


Articles in “Finding Or Starting A Community”

  • Publisher’s Note—The New Communities Directory: A Star Chart for Seekers and Founders by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor—The Quest for Community by Chris Roth
  • A Useful Tool for Founders and Seekers: Spectrums by Ma’ikwe Ludwig
    Whether starting a community or looking for one to join, identifying your priorities, your approaches to life, and your ranges of tolerance can be essential to successful community living.
  • Community Search Resources by McCune Porter
    The FIC offers diverse ways of finding a community.
  • New Directory, New Manager by Roshana Ariel
    The 7th print edition of Communities Directory rolls off the press this spring, thanks in part to FIC’s newest staff member.
  • Finding Home by Eridani Baker
    A community/solo journey through London, Greece, Oregon, India, Cyprus, and New Zealand reveals as many lessons within as without.
  • Rediscovering Community: A family’s journey back to appreciating Home by Devon Bonady
    An active search for a new community allows one family to explore core questions.
  • Finding a Healthy, Happy Cohousing Community that Fits Your Values by Cynthia Dettman
    A cohouser offers resources and tips on how to find your community.
  • Queer, Person of Color, or Low-Income; Is Cohousing Possible for Me? by Cynthia Dettman
    Some creative solutions are starting to counteract cohousing’s demographic homogeneity, but significant obstacles remain.
  • Leaving Eden: One man’s quest for community in a divided land by David Leach
    The tension between idealism and compromise plays itself out in the complex communal landscape of Israel.
  • You Are Here: Finding the Feminine Energy that Cultivates Community by Beth Ann Morrison
    Public art, the Transition Movement, chai talks, and a meetup group all form part of a journey toward community.
  • Words of Experience: Starting a Community by Kim Scheidt
    A founder shares a well-learned lesson: “It is a LOT of work to start an intentional community. A LOT.”
  • Off-Grid, and In Community: ’Tis Easier to Find than to Found by Dan Schultz
    The co-director of Maitreya Mountain Village suggests others not follow his example.
  • Building Community and Learning from Failure by Jenny Pickerill and Ruth Hayward
    Eco-communities in Britain yield valuable lessons about how to improve chances for success.
  • Reflections on Setting Up an Intentional Commmunity by Arjuna da Silva
    An Earthaven founder offers perspectives after 21 years of watching the ecovillage unfold.
  • Common Fire’s Top Ten Hard-Earned Tips for Community Success by Jeff Golden
    The sometimes triumphant, sometimes traumatic experiences of the three Common Fire communities yield wisdom relevant to anyone working to create a community.
  • Community Essentials by Arty Kopecky
    Five crucial ingredients make community work; the lack of any one of them can cause it to falter.
  • The Rocky Road to Rocky Corner Cohousing by Marie Pulito
    In the face of challenges, key decisions and actions help Connecticut’s first cohousing community to come together.
  • Leaps of Faith by Rebecca Reid
    Two families leave a thriving cohousing community to follow their shared dreams as a tight-knit intergenerational group.
  • Living in a Multigeneration Household: Haven or Hell? by Maril Crabtree
    Is it crazy to purchase and move into a new house with your grown children and their children? Actually, no. Living communally with family has some big advantages.
  • Kindling New Community: Village Hearth Cohousing by Pat McAulay
    Two “burning souls” work to bring their dream—a caring community of LGBTs, friends, and allies aging in place as good neighbors—into reality.
  • The Dog that Brought Us a Community by Jim Daly
    After a health crisis precipitates major life changes, a couple finds a new path, becoming founding members of a cohousing community.
  • Roger Ulrich: A Founder Reflects by Deborah Altus
    The octogenarian founder of Lake Village Homestead shares insights from a lifelong community journey.
  • In Land We Trust for the Lake Claire Community Land Trust by Stephen Wing
    A greenspace in the heart of Atlanta embodies the visions of the neighbors who created it.
  • Reflecting on a Quarter Century of O.U.R. History by Brandy Gallagher
    As an activist group matures, the circles of collaboration expand.
  • Selecting People for Roles (Sociocracy Elections): How Sociocracy Can Help Communities, Part VII by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Exit Dynamics in Community by Laird Schaub

For more on the topic of Finding or Starting a Community see Best of Communities I: Intentional Community Overview and Starting a Community and Best of Communities II: Seeking and Visiting Community.

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