Communities Magazine #170 (Spring 2016) – Finding Or Starting A Community

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Finding Or Starting A Community

Those seeking an intentional community are often faced with a choice: find it, or found it? Whether looking to join an existing community or working to start a new one, aspiring communitarians can glean invaluable lessons from the experiences of other seekers and pioneers. Our Spring issue is full of success stories, cautionary tales, adventures, reflections, advice, and resources for anyone interested in Finding or Starting a Community.

Articles in “Finding Or Starting A Community”

  • Publisher’s Note—The New Communities Directory: A Star Chart for Seekers and Founders by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor—The Quest for Community by Chris Roth
  • A Useful Tool for Founders and Seekers: Spectrums by Ma’ikwe Ludwig
    Whether starting a community or looking for one to join, identifying your priorities, your approaches to life, and your ranges of tolerance can be essential to successful community living.
  • Community Search Resources by McCune Porter
    The FIC offers diverse ways of finding a community.
  • New Directory, New Manager by Roshana Ariel
    The 7th print edition of Communities Directory rolls off the press this spring, thanks in part to FIC’s newest staff member.
  • Finding Home by Eridani Baker
    A community/solo journey through London, Greece, Oregon, India, Cyprus, and New Zealand reveals as many lessons within as without.
  • Rediscovering Community: A family’s journey back to appreciating Home by Devon Bonady
    An active search for a new community allows one family to explore core questions.
  • Finding a Healthy, Happy Cohousing Community that Fits Your Values by Cynthia Dettman
    A cohouser offers resources and tips on how to find your community.
  • Queer, Person of Color, or Low-Income; Is Cohousing Possible for Me? by Cynthia Dettman
    Some creative solutions are starting to counteract cohousing’s demographic homogeneity, but significant obstacles remain.
  • Leaving Eden: One man’s quest for community in a divided land by David Leach
    The tension between idealism and compromise plays itself out in the complex communal landscape of Israel.
  • You Are Here: Finding the Feminine Energy that Cultivates Community by Beth Ann Morrison
    Public art, the Transition Movement, chai talks, and a meetup group all form part of a journey toward community.
  • Words of Experience: Starting a Community by Kim Scheidt
    A founder shares a well-learned lesson: “It is a LOT of work to start an intentional community. A LOT.”
  • Off-Grid, and In Community: ’Tis Easier to Find than to Found by Dan Schultz
    The co-director of Maitreya Mountain Village suggests others not follow his example.
  • Building Community and Learning from Failure by Jenny Pickerill and Ruth Hayward
    Eco-communities in Britain yield valuable lessons about how to improve chances for success.
  • Reflections on Setting Up an Intentional Commmunity by Arjuna da Silva
    An Earthaven founder offers perspectives after 21 years of watching the ecovillage unfold.
  • Common Fire’s Top Ten Hard-Earned Tips for Community Success by Jeff Golden
    The sometimes triumphant, sometimes traumatic experiences of the three Common Fire communities yield wisdom relevant to anyone working to create a community.
  • Community Essentials by Arty Kopecky
    Five crucial ingredients make community work; the lack of any one of them can cause it to falter.
  • The Rocky Road to Rocky Corner Cohousing by Marie Pulito
    In the face of challenges, key decisions and actions help Connecticut’s first cohousing community to come together.
  • Leaps of Faith by Rebecca Reid
    Two families leave a thriving cohousing community to follow their shared dreams as a tight-knit intergenerational group.
  • Living in a Multigeneration Household: Haven or Hell? by Maril Crabtree
    Is it crazy to purchase and move into a new house with your grown children and their children? Actually, no. Living communally with family has some big advantages.
  • Kindling New Community: Village Hearth Cohousing by Pat McAulay
    Two “burning souls” work to bring their dream—a caring community of LGBTs, friends, and allies aging in place as good neighbors—into reality.
  • The Dog that Brought Us a Community by Jim Daly
    After a health crisis precipitates major life changes, a couple finds a new path, becoming founding members of a cohousing community.
  • Roger Ulrich: A Founder Reflects by Deborah Altus
    The octogenarian founder of Lake Village Homestead shares insights from a lifelong community journey.
  • In Land We Trust for the Lake Claire Community Land Trust by Stephen Wing
    A greenspace in the heart of Atlanta embodies the visions of the neighbors who created it.
  • Reflecting on a Quarter Century of O.U.R. History by Brandy Gallagher
    As an activist group matures, the circles of collaboration expand.
  • Selecting People for Roles (Sociocracy Elections): How Sociocracy Can Help Communities, Part VII by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Exit Dynamics in Community by Laird Schaub


For more on the topic of Finding or Starting a Community see Best of Communities I: Intentional Community Overview and Starting a Community and Best of Communities II: Seeking and Visiting Community.

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