Best of Communities: VIII. Children in Community

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VIII. Children in Community

Across the board, community is an amazing place to grow up. It’s good for parents (who get considerable, caring help with a plethora of instant aunts, uncles, and surrogate grandparents), and good for kids (who get instant playmates, intriguing facilities and landscapes to explore without taking a car ride to get there, and role models beyond Mom and Dad).

While intentional community is about making the purposeful choice to live cooperatively, the key word is “choice” when it comes to schooling community kids. Some are home schooled, some are unschooled, some go to private schools (including Waldorf and Montessori), and some go to public school. Some communities run their own schools, and some just leave it up to the parents.The best part is the range of options available to fit the opportunity to what that child needs to thrive.

The 22 articles in this Children in Community bundle will help you understand what’s being learned in community about children learning.

This issue on Children in Community includes:

1. Children in Community: Fairyland or Fairy Tale? by Daniel Greenberg, Directory 2000
2. Raising and Educating Children in Community by Diana Leafe Christian, Directory 1995
3. Multiple Parenting in Community: The Advantages by Daniel Greenberg, #86
4. Multiple Parenting in Community: The Disadvantages by Daniel Greenberg, #87
5. Child-Adult Friendships, Part I by Daniel Greenberg, #90

6. Child-Adult Friendships, Part II by Daniel Greenberg
7. Keeping Our Children Safe by Daniel Greenberg, #107
8. My Tribal Childhood by Kristina Jansen, #114
9. Growing Up in the Miccosukee Land Co-op by Orenda Lyons, #86
10. The Person I Became by Simona Gabriel, #84

11. Who’s the Meta Tonight? Communal Child Rearing at Twin Oaks by Hilke Kuhlmann interviewing Lee Ann Kinkade, #103
12. Family Dramas by Laird Schaub, Ina Meyer-Stoll, #146

13. Parenting in Community:The Voyage from Fantasy to Reality by Jesika Feather, #146
14. When an Ecovillage Is Raising Your Child by Kim Scheidt, #146
15. An Abundance of Dads by Skye Rios (with Melanie Rios), #146
16. Second Family by Arizona Nashoba, #146
17. Creating Family Where We Are Now: Building Sustainable Communities with the Next Generation Zane Hamm, #153
18. Growing Up in Ecovillage at Ithaca by Allegra Willet, #156

19. Reminiscences: Growing Up in Intentional Community by Karin Iona Sundberg, #160
20. Raising Superheroes: How Our Kids Are Learning to Use Their Power for Good by Alyson Ewald, #160

21. Esther and the Princess of the Fairies Brent Levin, #160
22. Community, Public School, and Culture Clash: Food for Thought from Rural Missouri by Sam Makita, #160

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