Sociocracy Book Bundle

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Organize and structure your intentional community with sociocratic governance.
All the tools you need to get started are in these two books by Sociocracy for All! 


What is Sociocracy? Also known as Dynamic Governance, Sociocracy is a decision-making structure that values equality and
self-determination for all members of the group while also maintaining effective and efficient group processes. 

In just two books you will learn the tools to gather your group, organize your group into simple circles, and begin consensus-based decision-making. You will gain wisdom on facilitating meetings and evaluating the meeting’s success.

Receive 25% off when you purchase both books here!



Who Decides Who Decides, by Ted Rau

You can launch a new group in 3 meetings and establish shared power and self-management! Begin by defining the purpose, and putting the infrastructure and practices in place so all voices can be heard.

Any group can form itself using the template outlined in this book. It works especially well if the founders and early members want to grow and nourish an organization that gives every member a voice and is effective.


Many Voices One SongMany Voices One Song, by Ted Rau & Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Next, dig deeper into the process with this detailed manual providing step-by-step descriptions for structuring organizations, making decisions, and generating feedback.

Illustrated with easy-to-understand diagrams, tables, examples, lists, skits, and stories from the field. Use this book as an educational tool before getting started, or as a handbook alongside your journey.