Permaculture community in western WA has room openings

by Terri
Housing For Rent + Shared
Upper Skagit River Valley, north western WA State

Permaculture community has openings for rent this winter on our  beautiful 12 acre property in wet western WA. Two furnished rooms for rent this winter in our artistic wood heated 3 story house. We are looking for like minded folks to share living, food, music, visioning, chores, rent, woodstove tending and projects.  We are mostly vegetarian, not big partiers, good communicators and hard workers. There will be between 2-6 people here as we variously do some traveling.

Rent for a room in the house for one is $500, open to some negotiation for couples or work exchange. We will share the kitchen and two living rooms, some meals, taking care of the chickens, shoveling snow if needed etc.  The rental opens Oct. 1, 2023, with possibilities to find a way to live on the land in warmer months, if we all get along. We are on 12 beautiful acres with a creek, gardens, a pond and woods and are stewarding it with care and permaculture principles.