Visit, Rent, or Co-Own our Turn-key Retreat House in Hawaii

by HIVE Hawaii
Housing For Rent + Shared
Kalapana Seaview Estates, Big Island of Hawaii

Multiple ways to join us at our retreat house one mile to the ocean in a neighborhood that resembles an ad hoc ecovillage (all the benefits without the governance challenges).

We are on the most remote coast on earth in a walkable neighborhood with  4+ yoga studios within one mile of us, 1.5 miles to Kehena clothing optional black sand beach, 15 min drive to free volcanic hot springs on the beach, and we have ecstatic dances  3+ times/week with farmers markets daily, and unlimited nature adventure to beaches, waterfalls, volcanic mountains and more. There’s a free public bus and we have a car-share option.

We are calling in renters/co-owners  inspired about living in a mutually supportive culture of caring and sharing who love nature, conscious connection, healing, embodiment and want to cocreate.

We’re going through a dynamic growth phase after a slow summer season and offering multiple ways you can join us:

1) Join us as a short-term guest: plan a visit that will immediately connect you with community with options for car-sharing, meal-sharing, and custom retreats

2) Join us as a long-term resident: ideal for folks interested in offering programs or services like workshops, healing, coaching etc. to locals and retreat guests and enjoy a shared platform for promoting and hosting your work built into affordable co-living

3) Lease the entire property: we are open to leasing  the entire property for 1 week to 1 year for groups that want to utilize this beautiful turn-key property equipped to house up to 22 people on-site with overflow lodging nearby (11 private sleeping spaces onsite with extra beds for dorm lodging)

4) Invest in co-owning this property: we would love to develop a co-ownership model with one or more partners who are dreaming of community living and/or residential programs in Hawaii

(Options 3 & 4 would be ideal for a business focused on residential programs – for example a summer camp, healing center or massage school)

We are sending out this call now to see where the most interest is, and have availability for options 1&2 now and options for 3&4 as early as January 2024. Feel free to send us a proposal for something other than the options we outlined too.

At this time we are not open to work-traders/volunteers, but we do offer a range of options to make staying with us accessible for people at different price-points.

  • Monthly rentals for one person ranges from $600-$1,200/month
  • Short-term visits range from $30-900/day depending on how much is included (car, food, healing/coaching services etc)
  • The entire property with 11 private sleeping areas rents for $200-500/day
  • Co-ownership is still TBD but approximately $50k for a 10% equity stake (if someone wanted to own one room all-year with the option to live/work here or rent it out for income) or $250k for 50% (if someone wanted to use the entire property 6 months/year)

Email or text us with a little bit about your interest