Vegan New Zealand animal sanctuary seeks members

by The Black Sheep
Communities with Openings
Otaki, New Zealand

Are you interested in joining an intentional community that holds animals as the focus?

The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary is looking for live-on-site community members to help care for the animals and upkeep the sanctuary.

Until recently we have had up to 10 overseas volunteers living and working on site at a time, helping to look after the animals. In these covid times things have changed dramatically and our volunteer pool has dried up – so we are reaching out to people in New Zealand who want the chance to get involved, learn about animal care, make a huge difference in animals lives and experience communal living.


We are a relatively new community and sanctuary on 26 acres of land at Ōtaki Forks,

an hour’s drive north of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. We rescue and rehabilitate animals from situations of abuse, neglect and injury, with our main focus on ex-farm animals.



We are seeking people interested in staying 3 months or longer in combined volunteer/part time wage positions with free food and accommodation. The hours are sometimes long, 5 days per week.


Volunteering at the Black Sheep can give you work experience in a huge variety of areas including animal care, building construction and maintenance, gardening, tree planting, painting, vegan cooking for groups and so much more!


We are an activist space in which we all contribute to our shared project: to take in rescued animals and give them a good life. We have over 200 rescued animals under our care.

Living at The Black Sheep is also an experience in working together, communal living, learning and growing. Everyone cooks and cleans in addition to their sanctuary-related jobs. We have daily and weekly meetings to discuss jobs for the day, check in on how everyone is doing, and to give feedback / reflect. Communication is a key part of life in the sanctuary: everyone’s voices are heard and welcome.

You will get an accommodation to yourself (house truck/caravan/room in the communal house depending on what is available).

The whole sanctuary is strictly a human vegan food space. Furthermore, we are feminist, and opposed to any kind of prejudice (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.). Women’s (and non-cis men) empowerment is an important part of life here. We try to create a safer space for open discussion. It should be noted, however, that we are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Because we have a lot of vulnerable animals on site we are sadly not able to take anyone accompanied by companion animals. Dogs and cats pose a risk to our young animals and many animals on site have had bad experiences with dogs in particular.

At the Black Sheep community members are encouraged to explore and develop their passions. We also encourage people to also step outside their comfort zones, try new things and share the knowledge they bring with others.

Please look at our website, Facebook and Instagram for more information and to see what our beautiful sanctuary is like!

If you think this sounds like a project you want to get involved with please get in touch! [email protected]

Please also help us spread the word to keep the animals fed, happy and warm into the future by sharing with other people who may be interested.