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by Huli Tzu
Community Forming
Gainesville, Fl.

I am forming a VEGAN COMMUNITY and seeking those interested in joining.  COMMITTED VEGANS ONLY.  I am forming a nonprofit and am looking for those interested in positions as board of directors and board members.  We will be creating a “Go Fund Me Page” also in the near future.  We will be practicing, promoting, and teaching, living a “Cruelty Free” lifestyle.  Seeking professionals with experience in Teaching, Meditation, Yoga, Healing, Farming, Business, and Food Production.  COMMITTED VEGANS ONLY need respond.  PHONE ONLY.  Between 12 pm. and 9 pm. EST.  F.B. page Michael Monahan-Reich.  Phone Michael @ 352 514 3932.  Namaste,

Michael  a.k.a.  Huli Tzu


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