Tiny House Community- Spokane, WA area

by Julie Anne Colibri
Forming Communities
Spokane, WA

Seeking educated, resourceful,  good-hearted people who want to help create and develop a tiny house community in the Spokane,  WA area.  People who value intentional community,  sustainability, organic food,  living green,  being truly supportive,  kind, and living in reciprocity with one another.  Appropriate stubbed land must be found and developed.  Perhaps for only 12-24 tiny houses max, with composting toilets, no sewer needed, but must have electricity and probably natural gas. Small permanent storage sheds for each tiny home. A community house with a kitchen, large dining/rec area, laundry facilities and restroom.  Want a large garden, greenhouses,  chickens and goats. We all share the workload and the bounty! Mature, respectful,  honest, hardworking women,  men and children.  I have been studying tiny house plans for the past year. I want a 40 ft long, 10-12 ft wide, double-lofted tiny house with very specific design details to maximize use of interior space and functionality–inside and outside.  A deck is a must. Others may want smaller tiny homes depending on their needs and budgets. Let’s make this happen now! I am licensed in WA and ID as a clinical social worker. I bring many talents and skills to this project, but I need partners.