Sociocracy consulting and facilitation services offered by Sociocracy for All

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Sociocracy consulting services offered by Sociocracy for All
To learn more about our our consulting services, please visit our Consultant Services webpage.

We offer just the level of hand-holding you want. By working with a coach, you can benefit from the experience and feedback of someone who has seen dozens of implementations and governance changes. We never forget that you’re the expert on your organization and culture, and you remain in the driving seat at all times.

What does a consultant or coach do for you?
Your consultant identifies with you what stage of implementation you’re on. Implementations follow a series of steps, and understanding what’s next for you might even be all you need. The consultant also assesses with you what kind of support might be useful to make your next steps effective and successful.

Services that are typically part of an implementation:

  • assessing training needs
  • forming, coaching, and strategizing with the implementation circle/transformation team
  • observing and facilitating meetings
  • 1:1. or small-group conversations with stakeholders (the board, leadership, or people with concerns) and open Q&A sessions (e.g. for the whole membership or staff)
  • Holding and facilitating “kick-off” events – we help you set up the first circles and the General Circle. This can be, for example, a two-day event with deeper training, formal adoption, and “flipping the switch” into your new governance system.
  • Designing your circle structure and key roles, as well as documenting your governance system (see our samples and templates)
  • Aligning your documents and bylaws with sociocracy

Sociocracy facilitation services offered by Sociocracy for All
To learn more about our our consulting services, please visit our Facilitation Services webpage.

Do you need a sociocratic facilitator to facilitate a meeting or series of meetings for your organization?
Sociocracy for All can match you with a knowledgeable, experienced certified facilitator to meet your organization’s needs! We work with:

  • sociocratic organizations who are new to sociocracy and would benefit from experienced facilitation
  • sociocratic organizations who are practiced in sociocracy, but could use some help facilitating important or challenging meetings
  • non-sociocratic organizations looking for support with complex meetings
  • non-sociocratic organizations who value inclusive and efficient meetings and processes

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