Seeking Housemate in Kosher Shomer Shabbat-friendly Intentional Home

by Josh Weinstein
Housing For Rent + Shared
New Haven, CT

Check out a short video about our home and location:

The home is located in the Westville Village, an easy walking distance or commute to various local universities, synagogues, and community activities. There are two major parks, including a State Park, tennis courts, and local coffee shops, all within less than a ten minute walk from the shared home. The bus system, bicycle, and car are all very reasonable ways to get downtown from here quickly.

The available room is a master bedroom with private bathroom and will be available starting in October 2023. The monthly rate is determined up front on a sliding scale between $1000 and $1430 depending on what the person can pay. This includes utilities. The kitchen is kosher dairy. The home is vegan friendly.

We created this space as an intentional, inter generational, Jewish home, which means we work to make house decisions and live lives that align with our values and we want to support each other in doing that.

There are three total bedrooms in the house, and we are looking for a housemate who is excited about sharing a home with others who want to live a values-based lifestyle. You can choose how you want to influence the dynamic of the house and the nature of the activities and values that the house brings forth, including what we can and ought to do together in the community. There is a lot of flexibility based on what each individual brings. The extent of community involvement depends on the residents. For example, one housemate serves the community through their work and joins community activities as a house when there is interest.

There is one dog, a standard poodle, living in the house.

COVID protocol is still important to us since one housemate is remaining cautious, and we want everyone living here to feel safe. We request that everyone be vaccinated, if there is reason to be concerned about exposure to take rapid tests, and wear masks inside if you are sick or have a concern of exposure until tested.

To peak your interest, New Haven is a city that has been described over the decades as a city representative of America as a whole, with all the opportunities, difficulties, and challenges that come with that, yet it is not a big city like New York. Meaning, if you want to tackle a problem or get involved with community change in a serious and connected way, this is a great place to do it.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in living in our home, please reach out to Josh Weinstein at or 404-245-1850.

Note: I am interested to learn of opportunities that may exist to subsidize rent for residents in the shared home in exchange for community work. If you know anyone who has any ideas to subsidize rent as part of a program or nonprofit affiliation, please let me know. And if this would increase your interest with reduced rent to join this project, please let me know that too.

Thank you!