Welcoming new members, spirit centered, land loving, heart connecting, choosing love

by Muffy Weaver
Communities with Openings
North San Juan, California
WILD GRACE, an intentional, eco-spiritual community (Sierra foothills, 30 minutes from Grass Valley, California) is excited to be in the completion phase of creating new homes for prospective members. Perhaps you or someone you know have been preparing for this wonderful opportunity?

Spiritual community (sangha) is crucial on the personal level, as Thich Nat Hahn says: Your sangha—family, friends, and co-practitioners—is the soil, and you are the seed. If you have a sangha that is joyful, animated by the desire to practice and help, you will mature on your path of awakening.  (adapted from Cultivating the Mind of Love)

We also believe that spiritual community is crucial on the global level. The intentional focus of loving, mindful consciousness transmits a healing and transformative energy beyond our ability to perceive, which assists in planetary awakening.

Wild Grace provides a haven for an intimate group/sangha to focus on inner attunement to the Divine, to steward sacred land, to deepen in group authentic communication practices, and to choose love moment-by-moment.

Our octagonal temple, perched above the wild and scenic South Yuba River, is devoted to the Mother of Us All. We are dedicated to life-long learning of the skills needed to communicate, heal, and live life fully together in Love, Oneness, and Presence. We support a healthy balance of personal and community care, work and play, purpose, and right livelihood.”

Our shared foundation consists of group morning silent meditation, weekly heart circles and spiritual support, weekly work flow meetings, tending the land, sharing two or more meals a week, and creative expression. We host events including weekly neighborhood potlucks, open monthly Kirtans, weekly Choose Only Love online global meetings, sun/moon cycle ceremonies, and various classes and workshops.

Wild Grace is located on 80 acres of land adjacent to closely connected neighbors who participate in many of our activities. Currently three of us are living here. We are ready to welcome new members into our recently completed 1300 sq.ft. house with decks, 600 sq.ft. apartment, and two other small dwellings on the edge of the river canyon. In addition to these buildings there is our temple, another tiny dwelling, the owners’ home plus a guest cottage, pool, tractor shed, greenhouse, and solar/tool buildings—completely off-grid. All are intermixed with stands of pine, oak and manzanita. We honor the ancestors of this land, particularly the indigenous Nisenan tribe.

Please review the Wild Grace listing on this site and the Vision Statement and “Building Stones” on our website to learn more about how we are “walking each other home.”  We seek to attract those of diverse ages who enjoy practical tasks such as getting firewood and tending the garden and orchard, as well as hosting events, sharing deeply, and expressing creatively. All residents need to have a source of income to support housing and other living expenses. We easily attract women and heartily encourage men to check us out! We invite souls both mature and youthful to contact us who are potentially deeply aligned to participate in Wild Graces mission.