Co-creating the New at Wild Grace Community–Listening to our Heart, immersed in Nature

by Muffy Weaver
Communities with Openings
North San Juan, California

Wild Grace Community is in a position to welcome a few more core members who can join us to co-create “the New” with authenticity and depth of spirit. Our collective heart yearns to connect strongly with both the divine and the earth, feet firmly planted and spirit soaring. On the earth we welcome authentic relating and meaningfully connecting, as well as we have room for more gardening and orcharding. In the spirit we embrace and share Truth in many forms, not necessarily aligned with any particular teacher or teaching. Our beautiful new temple holds daily meditations, a monthly kirtan,  and is ready for more inspirational events. Together the core members are shaping this community.

A young family with  3 and a 5 year old daughters recently moved into the new building we call Osprey. There is an almost-finished 600 sq ft apartment below, on the edge of a river canyon, possibly for a couple. And there is a tiny house soon to be finished. Please view our community listing and see our website,, for a more complete description of who we are and what we hold dear.