Opening in our EcoVillage (Private Rooms or Tiny House Lots For Rent)

by Lost Valley Visitor Coordinator
Communities with Openings
Dexter OR (25 min from Eugene)


We are a dynamic ecovillage of 35-50 residents who choose to co-create our lives together on this very cherished piece of land (88 acres of forest, creek, fields, and meadows.) Together, we are exploring the importance of responsible living in our world today on ecological, social, economic, cultural, and personal levels. Our community actively pursues deeper understandings of authentic relating and vulnerable communication, which encourages us to connect more honestly with ourselves, each other, and the world at large. 


We deliberately gather around a set of collective understandings and interests, including sociocracy, permaculture, and non-violent communication. Living in community isn’t always easy, but because we have a solid foundation, set ways to explore conflict, and an overarching care for each other, we often reach agreeable solutions. And while every resident is drawn to the land for a slightly different reason, there are aspects that all of us hold in our hearts:


 A deep care for the value of all living things on this planet, including ourselves, each other, humanity at large and the natural world.


A willingness to explore and venture upon a more holistic life-path.


An interest in understanding and creating the essence of family and community.


A dedication to personal growth, healing, transformation, and/or spiritual understanding.


We are all working together to co-create a personally satisfying, service-oriented, inter-generational community that works to become conscious of our impacts on each other and our environment, and therefore ourselves and our collective future.


Residents put in approximately 20 Hours / Week towards Community Participation and Governance, most of which is volunteer, and from time to time there is paid work (as staff), and rent reduction work credits (land-based work and maintenance) available.



You have been wanting to live in an Intentional Community or Eco-Village.


We are looking for a few residents, staff, and interns who can be really successful living here, happily working and participating in our Intentional Community. 


We are looking for individuals to fill our small private rooms, furnished or unfurnished, within a two-story building with a shared kitchen, living room, library, and bathrooms. Some rooms come equipped with a sleeping loft.



We are based in permaculture, non-violent communication, and self-governance.  There is access to produce from gardens and firewood from our acreage.  From time to time we have a shared meal plan. On property there is also a wood-fired sauna, and educational events that often include workshops, students, teachers, wellness practice, and dance. 


PRIVATE ROOMS ($400 -$500 per month)

We have two dormitory style buildings with multiple private rooms available for rent. Some are ~120 sqft. with a sleeping loft, some are ~100 sqft. without a loft. Each floor has a shared bathroom. There is a shared kitchen available for all dorm residents.

TINY HOUSE LOTS ($400 – $450 per month)

We have multiple lots available for RV’s, Vans, and Tiny Homes. Some lots come equipped with water and electric, (no septic, but we have a campus wide compost toilet system that can accommodate personal 5 gallon compost buckets.), some are off-grid, but can be hooked up to water.


Visit: Lost Valley Educational Center:

Compile a list of your questions and email them to us at

Share with us what you would like us to know about who you are, your life circumstances, and why living and working in a cooperative community might be the best fit for you right now.