Water Birch Co-op, spaces available

by Jason
Communities with Openings
Denver, CO 80218

Big, beautiful house built in 1900, two blocks from Cheeseman Park in downtown Denver.  5000 square feet. The house has been a Buddhist Meditation Center for the last 20 years and has lovely, calm vibes. We currently have seven people and are looking for a two or three more.

We are an intentional community sharing dinners, 3 living rooms, 2 new kitchens, & 5 baths. Staple foods (organic) are bought together. The group is self-regulating as a soon-to-be co-op; it will decide together how the house runs. There will be chores 😉

Average cost per room is about $1000 ranging from $800 to $1300. Currently available rooms range from $800 to $1300.   There are two two bedroom apartments within the whole that are currently occupied.


Initial lease for 3-6 months while we and you decide if we are a good fit.  Deposit in the amount of one months rent is required prior to move in.

Utilities are currently $150 per person per month and are all-inclusive.  They will change if costs go up or that amount is insufficient to cover utilities.   WiFi is via mesh network from gig-speed fiberoptic service.  Heat is with radiators.  Cooling is evaporative.

Shared food is $125 per month per person; it is a pass-through cost divided evenly among residents; it does NOT include meat or alternative protein nor any alcohol.

The plan is for the house to become a non-equity building Co-op, which is a legal business entity for the self-governance of the community in which members do not build equity they can sell when they leave.  The Co-op will then make decisions cooperatively for how the house will function, so some things will change as we decide how to make the house work best for the diverse people living here. The starting intentions include:

  • Communication with compassion.
  • Shared space and life.
  • Shared meals.
  • Shared staple foods which are non-GMO and Organic.
  • Group decision making.
  • Safe, inclusive space: queer and trans friendly, anti-racist, non-violent, and feminist.
  • The purchase of the house by the co-op in about five years.
  • The expansion of the co-op, possibly to include other housing types (like separate apartments).
  • Weekly meetings.
  • We expect there will be a buy-in fee when the co-op becomes formal. We expect it might be be up to $1000 and will be refundable when moving out of the house.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am.

We are looking for community members who:

  • Want to live in a community not just have a place to sleep and eat.
  • Want to live in a beautiful, clean, and organized house and are willing to help make and keep it that way. Residents should expect to spend 16 hours per month towards this goal.
  • Are curious, compassionate, flexible, and open to living with others who will undoubtedly have different ideas about many things.
  • Are interested in pioneering a new co-op. There will be work involved to get there.
  • Are responsible and communicative.
  • Embrace enthusiastically that living in community requires introspection and personal growth.
  • Are not joining the community as a way of running away from something.