La Ecovilla – The first Ecovilla of its kind.

by LaEcovilla
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Costa Rica

Inspired by the idea of living in harmony with nature and with each other, understanding that growth does not have to be destructive, but rather regenerative, while our place in the world stills guarantees to meet our basic needs: water, food, a roof over our heads and energy.

The land where La Ecovilla was developed used to be a cattle farm, until it began to transform into an ”edible forest” in 2010 by planting fruit trees and edible plants, before building the roads and general services, which were ready by 2012, allowing 43 families from 29 different countries to build their homes in La Ecovilla.

La Ecovilla is located in the heart of Costa Rica’s fruit growing region with amazing weather, an hour from San Jose, 45 minutes from the airport, and less than 30 minutes from the beach.

La Ecovilla takes into many sustainability measures, among which we can find fully sustainable use of water, recollection and utilization of rainwater, communal orchards, ponds destined to raise fish and shellfish, recycled plastic roads, generation of electricity from renewable sources, and a biodigester; an advanced system destined to recycle and cleanse both grey and black water while also generating methane gas, utilized to cook or to produce electricity via underground wiring, turning La Ecovilla into the first neighbourhood in the zone to have access to such technology and to an individual connection of optic fibre.

La Ecovilla also owns and operates a community school for our children, based on connection with nature and the idea that the children’s interests are the best educational guides.

If you’re excited about our project as much as we are, you can find out more about La Ecovilla HERE. Be sure to check what’s it like to live in La Ecovilla and our Frequently Asked Questions!

Become an Eco Villager today, the place to live a fulfilling and purposeful life is waiting for you!