Join Us for Our Community Gathering May 31st (open to public)

by nica_office
Tahuya, WA

Our Community Gatherings
Each Spring and Fall, we welcome you to our Community Gathering, an event designed to bring together both members of intentional communities like cohousing and cooperative group homes (shared homes), as well as those of you who are curious about the concept and interested to learn more.

For Intentional Community Members:
Our gatherings offer a rich environment for networking with fellow communitarians. It’s a chance to discuss common challenges, celebrate your unique experiences, and perhaps even find synergies between your communities. This is an excellent platform to share valuable insights gained from your community living experiences.

For Those Curious About Communities:
If you’re intrigued by the idea of intentional living but haven’t taken the plunge, these gatherings are your doorway to understanding the lifestyle better. You’ll get to interact with people who are actively participating in various forms of intentional communities and gain firsthand insights that could help you on your journey toward a more communal way of life.

Additional Activities:
Depending on our volunteer team’s availability, we also aim to enrich these gatherings with guest speakers and workshops.

Everyone is welcome, so come join us and expand your horizons in the realm of intentional living.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the event.


Spring 2024 | Open for Registration 🗓
Friday, May 31 – Sunday, June 2

Tahuya, WA

“Building Resilient Communities for an Intentional Future”

Representatives, members, and seekers of intentional communities from all over the Pacific Northwest gather twice a year for NICA’s meetups to highlight the challenges, success, and support for communities – by communities.

Community is needed now more than ever! Whatever chapter people are at in life, everyone needs support from the people around them. NICA is here for seekers of intentional community to help guide them toward the resources needed to build or find the type of community they seek.

Join the Spring Gathering if you are:
Seeking intentional community
Seeking people with shared vision, values, and intentions for home and community
Curious about the economics of shared housing/community (we’re inviting real estate professionals for a special panel on sustainable housing and affordability!)
Proficient in a soft or hard skill important for building healthy communities
Interested in learning about sustainable building practices for both home and community
Looking for the right community to start a family, business, farming co-op, land trust, language needs, or other intention that brings unique communities together.
Are you curious about building intentional communities or building resiliency in your current community? Join the Spring Gathering in beautiful Tahuya, Washington at The Good Enough Community’s educational center and campgrounds:

Please Note:
No pets allowed (exception for service animals)
Please bring a chair, snacks, drinks, and lunches for each day you’ll be joining. Water, ice, and coffee will be available each morning.
We have a limit of 100 guests at the campground and expect to fill up, so please register ASAP!
This is the first weekend NICA gathering in several years, please spread the word to friends who might be interested in this event. People traveling from states away can be paired up with local friends of NICA or board members who can help you with your stay.


Event Details and Registration: