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Rautalampi, Finland

🌿 Discover the Good Life Community in Finland 🌿

Are you yearning for a life that’s more meaningful, sustainable, and harmonious? Welcome to the Good Life Community (GLC), nestled in the serene Finnish countryside. Our mission is to create a thriving, conscious community where communal living, healthy choices, and safety are at the forefront. Join us in managing the farm and crops together, as we embark on a journey towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.

🏡 Community Description 🏡

At GLC, we have set out to establish a multicultural, high-quality community for around 30-50 like-minded individuals. Our idyllic setting is the historic Sahala multifunction farm in Rautalampi municipality, Finland. Here, we embrace a lifestyle that surpasses the ordinary, offering a safer, more social, and rewarding experience compared to urban or rural living.

Our principles revolve around mental, social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We’re open-minded, innovative, warm-hearted, and dedicated to fostering a healthy way of life. Read more about our values on our website

Finland’s pristine environment opens the door to various small business opportunities for our members. While we aim to shift away from the hectic and consumption-driven modern lifestyle, our community provides a platform for pursuing fulfilling ventures.

🤝 Advanced Community Features 🤝

  1. Level of Social Community and Togetherness: GLC is dedicated to creating an exceptionally warm-hearted and open atmosphere. Our founder, Veli-Jussi Jalkanen, is a interaction trainer with efficient methods for building an inspiring social community. Everyone is educated to sustain this uplifting environment, where problem-solving is constructive and team-building is fun. Friendship is at the heart of GLC.
  2. Health Support: Sahala has a well-established preventive health culture. Members benefit from preventive health experts Vessi and Marie, who are eager to share their knowledge. Our GLC restaurant serves super healthy and delicious food, promoting mental health, happiness, high energy levels, and productivity. Our developed sauna culture contributes to overall well-being. We promote a healthy and mindful lifestyle by prohibiting alcohol and tobacco use within our community.
  3. Capacity of the Large Sahala Mansion: Spread across 780 hectares, Sahala offers endless possibilities for nature-based activities, products, and projects. With abundant natural resources, workshops, and barns, you can explore various economical activities in a picturesque setting.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a conscious, sustainable, and fulfilling life? Join the Good Life Community in Finland, where we redefine what it means to live well. Experience the beauty of the Finnish countryside and a warm-hearted, supportive community like no other.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a member of GLC and embark on a transformative journey towards the Good Life! 🌟🌱