Come Join a Growing Christian Community!

by Leo
Communities with Openings

Are you tired of your job? Would you like to find a more meaningful way to spend your time here on Earth?

Watch this two part documentary, called Happily Homeless, about a teachings of Jesus movement which is starting to grow in several different countries around the world, as a result of a YouTube channel called A Voice in the Desert. People from all backgrounds and ages live in Christian community with one another, relying solely on God’s provision.  While most similar communities concern themselves with growing food or raising funds, these Christian radicals “live by faith”.  This means that they spend their time witnessing for Jesus on the streets and on the Internet. Because they are not tied to a piece of land, they enjoy the sense of adventure that comes with being a traveling community. This documentary is an invitation to jump on board and discover what it is like to be real Christians, living like the first disciples of Jesus lived.