Cohousing community on Puget Sound

by Ajay Advani
Communities with Openings
Indianola, Washington

The Wise Acres Community is a cohousing neighborhood in Kitsap County.  We share stewardship of most of the land, while each maintaining our own home.

In Wise Acres, we gather for community dinners and other events, and have a shared garden, common house, hot tub & sauna.  We also look out for each other, make decisions by consensus, and each choose a community job.

A 1-bedroom apartment is available.  The apartment is the daylight basement below the main level of the house.  The apartment’s main room has a large picture window and natural light from above.  The separate bedroom has an attached bathroom and an modest walk-in closet.  Adjoining the full kitchen is a separate storage / laundry room.  At about 600 sq ft, the apartment is not huge but works great for a smaller household.

Here’s a link to the our community website.  If you respond, we’d love to learn what your experience and desire is in community life.