Artistic community now has openings in Richmond, CA!

by Stonesinger
Communities with Openings
Richmond, California
Our transforming and growing community has space available. We have 3 rooms opening up! We are living in a beautiful home and diving deeper into the vision of creating a place of shared creative and mindful practices as much as or as little as people want, and fostering connection while embracing diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, and orientation. We’re about a mile from Del Norte BART but there are two bus lines within two blocks. We have two large rooms available and welcome couples and families! If you are wanting less community and more solo time, that’s okay too!Here’s what we are about: FUN! We’d love to watch movies together, play games, dance, and have a gathering every now and again.

CREATING COMMUNITY: We love the idea holding a workshop about once every couple of months that benefits the community and involves everyone. Maybe moon ceremonies every so often, maybe a workshop that we open up to the neighbors. We might welcome a cacao ceremony or death café and whatever *you* might want to suggest. These gatherings would need everyone’s preemptive YES! and containment and discernment. We hope to meet as just us residents at least once a month, whether to share a meal, watch a movie, talk about where to store the Tupperware, or maybe meditate together.

Peaceful Communication like NVC: We strive to use it in its most decolonized form to create connection, inner and outer peace.

Pet friendly: We can have up to 3 dogs in the house. Someone upstairs could have a cat or a cat outdoors may work. My dog is so far is in training about how to be nice with kitties. She’s still learning though. She’s a 27 lb non-shedding, probably hypoallergenic sweetheart!

Sanctuary: We strive to create a place that has a balance of quiet and fun. We want it to feel like a place where you say “Ahhhh” when you get home. This is all part of the dialogue we have at our meetings when we have one.

Co-Creation: There are 2 of us and we could have up to 7 in the house. Couples and singles welcome. We hope to co-create a place where everyone feels supported! So there are possibilities within the nuances of the above categories and in terms of the garden and other aspects of the community.

Diversity: LGBTQIA and BIPOC beloveds welcome! We hope to create a community of diverse ages, ethnicities, genders, and ways of being. We consciously work the dance of having guidelines we all agree to, considering the needs of the group and our own, and creating a space of freedom and individuality as well.


There are 5 bedrooms, total and they’re big so couples are welcome.

One room is upstairs and $1150. It’s 12×16. It’s available immediately. There’s a lovely bathroom upstairs that you’d share with Matt who is very clean and pretty sparse in what he has up there. He is a cis straight man in his 50’s who is in recovery.

The other room is downstairs and has a view of the garden and gorgeous light. It has its own built in desk and is probably the quietest room in the house. This one is a bit smaller but fits a queen size bed and a dresser and a nightstand. This one is available immediately. It is 14×12, kind of a cool rectangular shape. It’s going for $1100. This room is close to the yard if I’m not home so you can go through my room. Otherwise, the yard is down the hall and through the kitchen and involves one easy step.

The HOUSE is a huge 1925 home with a front and back yard, an amazing landlord, a solarium, large living room, separate dining room, and two full bathrooms with tubs. There’s plenty of space for movement practices, meditation, and making art. The detached garage is a great art studio space. It’s quite a special place and if you’re a gardening type, you’ll love it as well! Or if you just like to look at trees, there are plenty.

This lovely house is inhabited by two cis white allies. We’re forming an intergenerational household so people of all ages are more than welcome. We also welcome people of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations and strive to create a place of diversity and love. We’re actively working on decolonizing NVC and how we operate to the best of our ability. We are all artistic, uniquely unique, and allies in training, open to feedback and dialogue delivered with peace and passion.

There are more details too many to share here. We’d love to talk with you and see what might be possible!