2 acre lot in Ecovillage on Island of Hawaii $150,000

by Robert J Silber
Real Estate For Sale
Opihikao, HI

This lot is in the Lolia Ecovillage accessed via the gated and paved Lolia Place road.  The land has not been farmed for 30 years but still has producing macadamia, mango and other fruit trees as well.  The income potential with short-term rentals is very good as this is a very desirable location close to retreat center, gorgeous coast, beaches and fun activities.  You can legally build up to 2 homes on the site as well as many tiny homes.  Great climate for off-grid solar and water catchment with a lot of sun and enough rain (50″ annually) for the plants.  The neighborhood supports ecovillage living with other residential community pods and green building projects.  Also check out https://www.facebook.com/loliaecovillage for the adjacent 8 acre parcel that is a developing retreat center.