The CoHouseholding Guide (Ebook)



The CoHouseholding Guide:

People creating and living in shared community houses

Shared housing arrangements allow like-minded people to come together and live cooperatively.  There are hundreds of community houses (many that aren’t listed) across USA already.  Unlike regular shared housing arrangements where roommates pay rent and might or might not form any connections, CoHouseholds aim to also promote living communally. A well-tuned and cohesive group can make decisions and take action to make their living situation pleasant and an inviting place to call home. Keep in mind that while community homes have great potential they also take ongoing work to make them last.

The CoHouseholding Guide is meant to help people form their own shared community houses by providing general steps, advice, and resources to do so. The guide has been written and published in the hopes that it will make it easier for those that want to start their own CoHousehold.

This free guide was created by Robert Baran and Syd Fredrickson of Under 1 Roof: CoLiving Advocacy and Support Services.

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