Wisdom of Communities: Complete Set

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Gain the wisdom of intentional communities with this 4-volume compilation book set including over 400 articles from Communities magazine. Unfortunately, at this time, we can only provide Volume 1 in digital PDF format. Print orders of the set will include a digital copy of WOC-Volume 1. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The Wisdom of Communities

You don’t have to endure this journey alone. You have decades of wisdom from people like you who have explored, discovered, founded, and lived in intentional community. Grow from their experience and learn from their mistakes in this four-book set of articles compiled from forty years of Communities magazine issues.

Throughout this series you will gain a new set of tools as well as a landscape of new imagery and context. Whether you are beginning your journey or seeking guidance midstream, the wisdom of communities will guide you along.

Each book is over 300 pages and features over 100 of our best articles. Select each title for purchase the books individually.

Volume 1 – Starting a Community
Resources and Stories about Creating and Exploring Intentional Community
includes both general articles and on-the-ground stories from intentional community founders and other catalysts of cooperative efforts. 

Volume 1 aims to increase the survival rate of attempts to start intentional communities (it’s estimated that currently just 10 percent move past the initial stages).

Table of Contents



Volume 2 – Finding a Community 
Resources and Stories about Seeking and Joining Intentional Community is a response to the reality that many searches for intentional community fizzle out due to lack of adequate information, guidance, or exposure to fellow travelers’ stories.

Authors share experiences, tools, advice, and perspectives that should help anyone searching for an intentional community—whether to visit or to live in—increase the likelihood of finding what they’re seeking.

Table of Contents



Volume 3 – Communication in Community
Resources and Stories about the Human Dimension of Cooperative Culture
includes articles about decision-making, governance, power, gender, class, race, relationships, intimacy, politics, and neighbor relations in cooperative group culture.

These areas are key for communities to address if they are to retain members and develop strong and healthy group connection.

Table of Contents



Volume 4 – Sustainability in Community
Resources and Stories about Creating Eco-Resilience in Intentional Community
focuses on food, water, shelter, energy, land, permaculture, ecovillage design, eco-education, and resilience in cooperative culture.

These areas will prove more and more essential in allowing communities to navigate changing circumstances on our planet, while growing into new, regenerative ways of living and thriving together.

Table of Contents


This series was supported in 2018 by a successful Kickstarter campaign




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