Best of Communities III – Leadership, Power, and Membership

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Thinking about power and leadership? This book includes 16 articles from Communities magazine offering insights on how to identify and respond to power, and how to be discerning and pro-active in membership selection and integration.


Best of Communities Magazine

Communities magazine is the leading publication for all topics related to intentional community. From the broad-stroked overviews to the intimate details, this quarterly publication covers it all. With so much content to explore, we’ve distilled it into a single compilation!

Volume III – Leadership, Power, and Membership

One prominent way in which groups tend to be underdeveloped is in the area of power and leadership. While communities are full of people with personal experience of what they don’t want, few groups have taken the time to clearly define a model of healthy leadership and appropriate uses of power.

The following 16 articles will provide insights into leadership, power, and membership, including how to understand power in cooperative settings, how to respond when power is being misused, how to define the leadership you want to attract and celebrate, and how to be discerning and pro-active in membership selection and integration.

You will recognize authors leading the intentional community movement, representing cutting-edge thinking and how-to explorations of the social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainable living.

Volume III includes the following articles:

  1. Power Steering: Driving Bumper to Bumper Down Leadership Lane by Laird Schaub, #128
  2. Decision Making in Practice: Leadership Decisions and Majority-Rule Democracy by Rebecca L’Abbe, Directory 2000
  3. When Leaders Become Bullies – Pat Wagner, #80-81
  4. The Bully Question – Tree Bressen, Laird Schaub, Beatrice Briggs, #145
  5. Confronting the Petty Tyrant by Mariana Caplan, #98
  6. What to Do When…? by Caroline Estes, Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub, #130
  7. The Power Imbalance: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It by Caroline Estes, Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub, #131
  8. The Overly Powerful Community Member by Beatrice Briggs, Tree Bressen, Laird Schaub, Caroline Estes, #134
  9. Power and Disempowerment on the Ecobus by Chris Roth, #148
  10. Roles! Are We Really the Roles We Play in Community? by Tree Bressen, #126
  11. Martyrs and Slackers: Finessing the Fit Between Flexible and Fair by Laird Schaub, #138
  12. ‘Admissions Standards’ for Communities by Irwin Wolfe Zucker, #96
  13. Opening Up to Strangers . . . and the Strange Ways that Kindness May Be Repaid by Laird Schaub, #122
  14. Learning to Screen New Members . . . the Hard Way by Don Wedd, #126
  15. The Toughest Issue We Ever Faced by Anonymous, #125
  16. “Paying” New Members to Learn the Ropes by Deborah Altus, #125

Best of Communities BundleYou can have ALL the BEST

Volume III is part of a 15-volume compilation of the Best of Communities magazine. The set includes over 200 articles about intentional communities from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Purchase the entire set and save!




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