Best of Communities XIII – Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You Are

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Let’s get radical. This book includes 20 of the best articles from Communities magazine about how cooperative economics are an important ingredient in cooperative living and the strength it exponentially creates.


Best of Communities Magazine

Communities magazine is the leading publication for all topics related to intentional community. From the broad-stroked overviews to the intimate details, this quarterly publication covers it all. With so much content to explore, we’ve distilled it into a single compilation!

Volume XIII – Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You Are

Localizing our money is a radical act. This can occur not only in our consumption, but also in our sharing, supporting, and rebuilding. The following 20 articles look at how cooperative economics are an important ingredient in cooperative living and the strength it exponentially creates.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • how communities are taking their cooperation beyond the boundary of shared property
  • what we’ve learned about values-based ways to make a living
  • why cooperative economics should and could be a model for the dominant culture

You will recognize authors leading the intentional community movement, representing cutting-edge thinking and how-to explorations of the social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainable living.

Volume XIII includes the following articles:

  1. This issue of Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You Are includes Recipe for a Thriving Community by Jonathan Dawson, #119
  2. Regaining Our Sense of Oneness through Localization by Helena Norberg-Hodge, #154, 15–16
  3. Our Own Money: A Recipe for Local Economic Revival (including Local Currencies, Stephen Burke) by by Albert Bates, #133
  4. When a Dollar Is Worth More than 100 Cents by Gwynelle Dismukes, #136
  5. Social Class & Money in Community by Allen Hancock, #9
  6. Our Community Revolving Loan Fund: How Walnut Street Co-op Financed Its Property by Tree Bressen, #128
  7. Inventing a Rural Economy, Business by Business: How The Farm Lost its Community Subsidy and Formed a Stable Economy in Its Place by Douglas Stephenson, #116
  8. Self-Reliance, Right Livelihood, and Economic “Realities”: Finding Peace in Compromise by Abeja Hummel, #158
  9. Communities That Serve Others…and Love Doing It by Darin Fenger, #131
  10. Free to Serve: Notes from a Needs-Based Economy by Chris Foraker, #141
  11. Householding: Communal Living on a Small Scale by Elizabeth Barrette, #144
  12. Balancing Act: How Much Are You Willing to Share? by Janel Healy, #152
  13. The Values of Shared Ownership by Tim Miller, #159
  14. The Quest for Community: A Personal Journey into the Grey Zone by Tree Bressen, #139
  15. Gardens of Gratitude: A Two-Day Garden Party Blitz in L.A. by Ginny LeRossignol Blades, #144
  16. Chicken à la West Birch Avenue by Hilary Giovale, #142
  17. Lighten Up: A Community Energy-Reduction Experiment by Kelly Barth, #143
  18. What Are the Boundaries of an Intentional Community? An Experiment in Geographically-Dispersed Community-Building by Don Schneider and Elin England, #143
  19. Greening Your H’Hood David Leach, #157
  20. Let’s Do Greywater First! by Laura Dvorak and J. Brush, #137

Best of Communities BundleYou can have ALL the BEST

Volume XIII is part of a 15-volume compilation of the Best of Communities magazine. The set includes over 200 articles about intentional communities from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Purchase the entire set and save!




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