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A Manual for Group Facilitators & Building United Judgment Combo

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A Manual for Group Facilitators and Building United Judgment Combo
Available together in Print & Digital Format

These books are natural companions as a crash course on group dynamics. Learn from experts who know it academically, personally, and professionally.

These are the two key books FIC publishes as training materials for group facilitation, building group consensus, and working together effectively. They have been the basis for some college courses and group training classes.

If you’re looking for a curriculum to help you start, nurture, or grow a community with group communication at the core, check out these epic texts!

A Manual for Group Facilitators
by the Center for Conflict Resolution

Re-published by the Foundation for Intentional Community
89 pages, Paperbound 8.5″ x 11″; or Digital Download; ISBN: 0-9718264-0-4

Inspiring much of the literature on facilitation in print today, A Manual for Group Facilitators offers its readers a “blueprint for how to engage the whole person and the whole group.” Taking root in the Quakers’ society and Native American cultures, facilitation aims to optimize group participation all the while promoting values of honesty, responsibility and cooperation.

Both the advice and exercises in this book address a wide variety of group situations. You’ll find yourself reaching for this manual when conflicts arise and in situations of crisis intervention or just to get a meeting started on the right foot.

This manual is a valuable resource not only for aspiring and experience facilitators, but also for all who want to gain insight into and to improve group dynamics.

Building United Judgment
by the Center for Conflict Resolution

Re-published by the Foundation for Intentional Community
124 pages, Paperbound 8.5″ x 11″; or Digital Download; ISBN 9780318170381

Building United Judgment is without a doubt the most comprehensive treatise on consensus you’ll find.

This book covers all the bases: who consensus is for, structuring a meeting, facilitation, communication skills and techniques, “blocking”, common problems and so on. It includes in-depth situational examples to illustrate every step of the process. Truly geared toward real-life applications, this manual gives insight on group dynamics and provides plausible scenarios and exercises.

If you are interested in consensus or want to improve your (formal or informal) group’s decision-making process, Building United Judgment is for you.

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