Building United Judgment

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Building United Judgment

by The Center for Conflict Resolution

Building United Judgment describes the techniques and skills which groups can apply to make the principles of consensus work effectively. Whether you are new to consensus or a “practiced hand,” whether your group uses consensus in the “classic” form or wants to apply consensus principles to your own decision making structure, this book provides a thorough review of practical methods that can make your efforts work.

A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making

A classic introduction to secular consensus, Building United Judgment was recently brought back into print by the Foundation for Intentional Community. It is an excellent explanation of what it means to make the switch from voting to consensus, and how to unlock the potential of groups working with the whole person. Highly recommended, Building United Judgment is a perfect companion publication to A Manual for Group Facilitators. 

Chapters in Building United Judgment include:

  • A Step-by-Step Process
  • Attitude and Consensus
  • Your Participation in Consensus
  • When Agreement Can’t be reached
  • Structuring Meetings
  • The Role of the Group Facilitator
  • Communication Skills
  • Working with Emotions
  • Conflict and Problem Solving
  • Techniques for Group Building
  • Adaptations for Special Situations
  • Handling Common Problems


This is THE consensus process manual, used by many intentional communities around the country. It offers practical advice on working with consensus groups, how to run meetings, dealing with difficult issues and people. The book itself was written by a group of people that used a consensus process to determine the content and coverage. In places the styles of the differing authors vary a little. There are also fascinating notes at the margins and bottoms of pages which illustrate the development of the content of the book. If you have only one consensus book in your library, this is the one to have. If you are a group attempting to use consensus, you will benefit hugely from the practical advice this book has to offer.” — Rob Sandelin, experienced consensus teacher from Sharingwood Cohousing Community


Authored by: Michel Avery, Barbara Streibel, Brian Auvine, Lonnie Weiss
With invaluable assistance from Intra-Community Cooperative, Elaine Nesterick
And significant contribution from Janice Kinsolving
Editorial assistance by Jan Stempel
Cover and graphics by Paulette Hurdlik

ISBN: 0-9602714-6-5 or 978-0-9602714-6-7

June 1999, Paperbound, 8.5”x11”, 124 Pages


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