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Sustainable Community– Become a Member, Investor, Owner

by Dan Schultz
Cohousing Openings + Real Estate
Gasquet, CA northwestern corner of California

Is it time to embrace a sustainable, natural, and self-sufficient life?

Why go it alone or start from scratch!?
article — http://www.ic.org/off-grid-and-in-community-tis-easier-to-find-than-to-found/

We have just opened MMV to long term memberships and are wanting to co-create relationships with good people who are invested in this sustainable living project.  Your first priority should be self-sufficient, sustainable community living — this is our unifying common theme and it is the value that should bring you here (instead of: investment, escape, etc).

Ideally, you’re physically fit enough to live here on our rugged, wilderness, mountainous terrain, off-grid remote location, and seek a relatively rustic, homesteady lifestyle.

Protocol — this is ideal:
1. Potential members to thoroughly research our sustainability project and understand what we are
and aren’t.   www.maitreyamountainvillage.com
2.  Complete a visitor/member application on our web site and email it to us
3.  Have a phone call or Skype and talk to get a sense for who we all are
4.  Schedule a visit, and visit
5.  Toward the intention to become a part of, or invest in, our project by:
— Purchasing a lifetime lease on a build spot on our property for $35K, build your own cabin,
become a founding board member, share in resources, revenue, responsibility, community.
(no yearly or monthly fees, one time investment, receive a share of revenue)
— Buy into our project for $300K, co-own the land in community and partnership, tailor a
mutually empowering individualized owner-relationship

About us:
This is a remote, sustainable, off-grid, wilderness ecovillage focused on permaculture-inspired homesteading/forest farming (agroforestry).  We are 45 minutes from the Ocean, half hour from the redwoods, and seven hours from major population centers (Portland and SF) in the Siskiyou Mountains, Six Rivers National Forest, and Smith River National Recreational Area.  This is a Mediterranean climate yet also a temperate rain-forest (often over 100 inches of rain/yr.) with hot dry summers. All of our water systems are gravity fed from springs.

We are completely self-sufficient (or can be at any time), independent of all industrial systems (although we certainly still do take part in it/buying food and materials).  We also run a flourishing eco-cabin rental business within the external economic system; 120+ fruit and nut tree permaculture crop production as well as plentiful berry, dairy (goats), egg, and foraging agribusiness/farmers market and secondary markets

There are just a few of us now, and enthusiastic about co-creating a flourishing community in 2019 and 2020
— Cheers!

Dan and Villagers
Maitreya Mountain Village

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