Sustainable EcoVillage — Natural, Holistic Living

by Maki
Forming Communities
Gasquet, CA

We are a small group of healthy happy individuals seeking congruent potent peoples who primarily want to live in this simple sustainable way

Key features of our project:
We honor a community agreement to live free of chemical dependencies and a no-smoking (of any kind) policy
It’s a mountainous, wilderness setting well off the beaten path.  20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, half hour from the redwoods, and seven hours from major population centers (btw Portland and SF) in the Siskiyou Mountains, Six Rivers National Forest, and Smith River National Recreational Area.  This is a Mediterranean climate yet also a temperate rain-forest (often over 100 inches of rain/yr.) with hot dry summers. Our water systems are plentifully fed from natural springs by gravity.

Please read over our web site thoroughly
THEN send us an application

In Health and Happiness