Strawbale house for sale Higher Ground,Bend, OR

by Melanie Rosen
Real Estate For Sale
Bend, Oregon
Hello out there, Well, there is a beginning and an end to everything, even the very most special things. We have realized that it’s time to let go of our beautiful straw bale home in Bend, Or. We’ve been a part of the Higher Ground co-housing community here for 25 years and seen the community grow and thrive in so many beautiful ways! This home and the Community are going to be deeply missed by our whole family. We raised our girls here, and the value of community for growing healthy and happy children in our day and age is impossible to convey in words. There are play areas, wooded areas, a common house with meals, performances, parties, creative ventures, a playroom, hot tub, sauna, and lots of protected land to roam around on, not to mention a lot of wildlife and an amazing community garden. I’m teary writing about it. Taking lots of deep breaths.
The house was finished in 1996. It is 2300 Sq Ft, is 4Br, 2.5Ba. Custom throughout and magical little touches everywhere. In floor heat. Passive Solar Design. Very high insulation value and coziness factor. We will be showing the house in the coming weeks and are ready to welcome your questions. By owner. $580,000.