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Something else more meaningful

by Johnny Scherwitz
Community Seekers

Hi my name is Johnny and I live up in Idaho. I am 36 y/o guy who has been working in health and fitness, working mainly in the Massage Therapy field. I enjoy all things outdoors and anything health and wellness related. I would say I am a very curious person too; the universe, ancient history, spirituality, etc.

For a couple years now I have felt this intense drive for something different than the modern American life; this life of consumerism where you just work, pay bills, and live as a robot. I have grown really fond or permaculture, ecovillages, farms, and being more connected with the planet both on a physical and spiriutal level. I am at a point in my life where I would like to be part of a community of people who honor the land, live close to the land, and work together; a more sustainable and meaningful life. I am open to relocating, even leaving the USA for good. I tend to have an affinity for tropical areas or forests so would ideally like working and living in these areas but am surely open to other environements and land. This way of life here in the USA, especially the whole suburbia thing is just not my thing. I am wanting out!