Seeking Distance Membership & Social Collapse Backup Plan

by Meagan Fischer
Community Seekers
Flexible - California currently; may move to East Coast

I am not looking to join an IC full time right now, but I have had this idea for a while. I am interested in monetarily contributing to a land-based community working on self-sufficiency, and also possibly building relationships with people on the land, without living there full-time – or at all, right now, except perhaps the occasional visit.

This has the potential to be a win-win: the community gets some extra income (although mine varies and is not a vast amount) and an extra ally, without currently needing to support another person. However, in the event of future need, my idea is that I would be able to come there as a home base if I had nowhere else safe to go due to the rising apocalypses.

About me:

Academic with a hippie background. I am currently working on a graduate degree with a focus on political conflict and dialogue, and am currently trying to create a podcast around this topic. I may go on to pursue a PhD in this field. Otherwise my backup plan is to teach at a community college.

My undergrad is in Latin American Studies. I have backpacked and studied abroad in a few different Latin American countries.

I have studied communication and conflict engagement for 14 years now, especially focusing on NVC.

I was permaculture design-certified through Earth Activist Training in 2009, but have not used this on land much. I’m still not at all trained in actually installing graywater or rainwater catchment systems, actually building cob structures, or many of the other practical applications. But the permaculture principles were one of my influences as a young adult and I like being around people with that frame. I like to apply the principles socially, especially the principle of ‘cultivating edge,’ in bringing people together to learn from each other’s wisdom in unexpected ways.

I have two cats and am polyamorous. Currently I am not living with the only person I’m involved with, but in the event of a (more severe) social collapse, the two of us would as likely as not end up making our way together.

Other than a small stipend, the things I can contribute are:

-skilled listening and empathy
-conflict mediation/engagement
-collaborative group facilitation
-writing and editing skills
-creative thinking, a certain kind of resourcefulness, & quirkyness
-an intermediate level of Spanish fluency
-mental health and trauma awareness

Like most humans, I also have flaws or challenging aspects about my personality, which I am open to disclosing/exploring more upon request.

While my initial idea was to pay some sort of ‘honorary membership’ fee to a specific community and be able to show up when in need, I also see this as a more open-ended invitation to build relationships. Would you like a visit from me at some point? Could I come spend a weekend there to work on my grad project, perhaps in exchange for help in one of my skill areas listed and/or a modest financial contribution? What kind of relationship are you drawn to having with me? Let me know.

I am taking advantage of the free month and will decide whether to renew based on if I get any responses or not.

Wishing peace and security to everyone and their lizard brains.