A Healing and Health focused Community

by michael J martin
Community Seekers
United States

I have retired from working in the mental health field and now want to find a new home, a group that supports my life long interest in natural-alternative healing.  The community should grow its own food and emphasize food in the healing process.  I will help to add a greenhouse if there isnt one. I am a kombucha and juicing enthusiast and mostly vegetarian.  Building strong lasting relationships is important.  I will bring extensive notes on healing (many on cancer) and tools such as a Sunlighten sauna and lymph machine.  Intergenerational, rural is ok if medical is not too far, a warmer climate is preferred.   I want to join others who want to make life changing differences for themselves and others by using mostly food and natural therapies.  I want to live more simply and be more spiritually focused.   Interests: camping, fishing, horses, the sounds and solitude of the forest, volunteering.  I have medical insurance.  I am ready to join others committed to improving people’s health and quality of life.  If I seem like a fit for your group please get in touch.  MJMARTIN11@ATT.NET  213 248 2385