Rental Opening in Wise Acres Co-Housing

by Amanda Greenlee
Communities with Openings
Indianola, WA

Newly built attached one bedroom apartment rental adjacent to Wise Acres Community

Community Website:

Rental has its own kitchen with a range oven, full sized fridge, walnut butcher block countertop, heat pump with ac/heat. A private bathroom with shower/tub, parking space and a nice sized closet. Outside storage space and pets can be discussed. 

The apartment is attached and self-contained, but we are seeking a community member housemate.  Outside of our living spaces we hope to share our space, time and thoughts with you. When you have a birthday it’s not if we will make you a cake, but what flavor and when. 

About the Community
Wise Acres Community has been established for over 30 years with several founding members still active, present and involved. Additionally, recent years have brought an exciting influx of new families. Community members participate in shared meals twice a week- with cooking done on a rotation and all diets honored. There are lots of additional opportunities to gather- things like Friday night fire circles, book clubs, women’s and men’s circles and garden parties. All member incomes are independent. 

Community Participation
If you show up to the community and don’t make an effort to show up to the gatherings you may as well live alone. Being a part of the community is not given by your physical presence alone.  Each member has community responsibilities such as cleaning the common space or maintaining the facilities. You will have a contact within the community to help you get established. And lack of community participation can be grounds for rental termination.

Work Opportunities
Main housemate and several neighbors work remotely, while several drive in town. Closest towns are Kingston and Poulsbo. Some neighbors commute to Seattle a few days a week via ferry.

Your Housemates
We love to garden, and we love AI and technology, we go camping and mushroom hunting, we like hobby crafts like blacksmithing and welding and we like mountain biking. We would love to share any or all of that with you!  We are two adults, one teenager in college, and three boys living at home (16-11).  The main housemates are Christian. You certainly don’t have to be Christian, but no haters pls. Sorry no smoking and not 420 friendly. 

Rental is available and read to move in!

Come check out this awesome place for nice walks to an amazing beach, hot tub, sauna, trails, community garden and people who value you. 

Rental alone does not ensure community membership. If you want to be involved, the community welcomes and wants you to be involved. 🙂