POC-majority Cohousing Community Forming!

by Elli Nagai-Rothe
Forming Communities
Northern California

We’re forming a cohousing community of POC changemakers and allies and looking for folx to join us!

We explored many cohousing communities in Northern California and were very disappointed at how overwhelmingly White these communities are. We deeply value racial diversity and want to live in spaces where our lived experiences a POC identified folx are understood and appreciated. Rather than trying to change these existing communities, we decided to start our own. And Vibrant Grove Cohousing was born!

Our Vision
We are creating a vibrant, supportive, multi-generational, racially diverse majority POC cohousing community that fosters connection with each other and our larger community. 75% (or more) of our community members identify as POC. See our vision.

To us, cohousing feels like an answer to so many of our social challenges – isolation, segregation, rampant consumerism . . . especially in this time (pandemic, systemic racism, wildfires) cohousing feels to us even more of a much needed balm for healing, and creating regenerative ways of being and living. 

If this sounds appealing and calls to your heart, we invite you to:

  1. Check out our website and learn more about us and cohousing
  2. Fill out this questionnaire
  3. Join us for a virtual info session for folks interested co-creating/living in this cohousing community

Saturday October 24, 2020
2:00 – 3:30pm Pacific 

Via Zoom
Please RSVP to vibrantgrove [at] gmail.com for the link.