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Not-Quite-Community in Southern Colorado/ Historic, Retro, & Walkable Savoy Hotel

by Dave Miller
Community with Opening
Trinidad, Colorado

We’re looking for friendly, active folks to share an antiquated three-story hotel with some twenty other tenants!

The Rooms:

Single-Occupancy Historic Hotel Rooms
Month-to-Month (Most Rooms $400 per month)
Simply Furnished
Individual Sinks
Common Bathrooms (some private)

The Building:

Two Retail Spaces
Tourist-Heavy Street
In-House Bike & Skate Shop
Decommissioned Historic Cafe
(lots of possibilities)

The Perks:

Free Utilities
Small Library
Vinyl & VHS Collections
Framed Paintings & Prints
Some Furniture, Small Appliances & Housewares

The Neighborhood:

Grocery, Hardware & Thrift Stores,
Restaurants, Bakery, Galleries
The River, Parks & Trails, Skate Park,
Farmers Market, Parades, Live Music, Amtrak Stop

The Town:

Ten Thousand Inhabitants
Strange & Historic
Aging Brick Buildings
Cobblestone Streets
Low Unemployment
Increasing Tourism
Hiking, Biking & Fishing
Strong City Services
A New State Park!



High Desert Climate:

6,000 Feet Elevation, 300 Sunny Days a Year
Fresh Mountain Air & Water
Four Real Seasons (none too harsh)
Summer: Warm Days, Cool Evenings
Winter: Some Snow, Dry Cold (Way Better Than Wet Cold) Some Wind

The People:
We’re not an intentional community, but many of the ingredients are in place. We select our tenants carefully, so everybody generally gets along. The owner is supportive and committed to healthy communities. The region is a magnet for interesting people, and there’s plenty of room for growth. There are many community volunteer and leadership  opportunities.

Give us a call if you’d like to learn more!  Dave @ 970 879-9798

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