Opening for family to join us in homesteading and forming community

by Samuel Kinsey
Forming Communities
Paoli, IN

My wife and I and our 3 young kids are homesteading on 17 acres in Orange County Indiana. We are interested in having another family join us in homesteading and maybe starting a community that could grow further.

Besides our home, we recently got a 12×32 cabin. We are insulating and finishing it, and there is another site where we plan to build another cabin eventually, and can trade lodging for work. There is a lot we can use help with, including construction, housekeeping, woodcutting, gardening, and tending our fruit trees and sheep. We also have several established herb gardens that could be utilized.

We hope for a community with a healthy resilient lifestyle, growing most of our own food, with minimal dependence on the grid but with reasonably comfortable homes; a place where several families work and play together, with a community business and a school or homeschool co-op. We also hope to travel more and would need someone to keep an eye on our farm.

We are Christian, but not conservative and would welcome those of other religion and spirituality. We are moderate politically, and generally open-minded and easy-going.  We appreciate people having a love for the earth, and enjoy sharing what nature has to offer with others.